So many clients come to us with online objectives – it’s what we do on the daily. But the thing that’s often forgotten, is how digital can drive results and footfall for their stores, shops and businesses. We believe Local SEO is the answer to so many issues, so Senior Search Consultant, Andy Robson, has put together Clicks to Bricks – 3 parts of genius otherwise known as a complete Local SEO guide.

The savvy amongst you will have already checked out Part 1 and Part 2, and will be raring to go, but if you’re new to this stuff – rewind a little and check out the first two chapters before getting stuck into the final chapter.

In this one, Andy’s looking at the things marketers can’t always control: Reviews. Some fear them, some can’t get enough of them, but either way, they’re an essential part of increasing local search visibility.

With this chapter of our Local SEO Guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of developing your Review Acquisition Strategy (yep, that’s a thing!), how to effectively manage your reviews (even the bad ones, if ever they should arise!) and even how to respond to them. And our experience isn’t to be trifled with. Andy has worked on Local SEO strategies for the likes of Optegra and VisitEngland in his time, you can treat his word as gospel on the matter of best review practice.

And lastly, Insights and Measurement. If you can’t measure and report on digital activity effectively, how will you know its working? In the last section of our Local SEO guide, Andy explains how to measure and manage performance, using tools like Google Search Console, Google My Business and of course, Google Analytics.

He also looks at the small matter of RANKINGS, and how Local SEO campaign measurement for rankings is quite different to that of a generic search campaign, so you can make the distinction when setting up your campaigns. Plus, we couldn’t very well call it a Local SEO Guide if it didn’t cover rankings!

As if all this insight wasn’t enough, he’s also expertly crafted a further reading and resource list to help you further your Local SEO efforts. What a generous guy!

So, without further ado, here’s Chapter 3 of Clicks to Bricks, our complete Local SEO Guide. Enjoy!

Should you have any feedback or questions relating to our Local SEO Guide, please drop your details in the contact form below, or hit us up on Twitter/LinkedIn. Should you wish to thank the man himself, you can Email Andy – he’ll be happy to hear from you!