The run up to Valentine’s Day is a busy time of the year for many luxury retailers, in particular those within the jewellery and watches industry.
In 2013, Pre-Valentine’s Day (between the 3rd and 9th of February), UK online retail traffic increased by 29.65% compared to the previous year [Source: IBM, February 2013].
These figures show that this is not an occasion to be missed, and within this competitive marketplace it is essential that retailers set their websites apart from the rest of the crowd.


Think about your USP

The first step is to decide on a USP (unique selling point) that will entice potential customers and drive traffic to your website. This could take the form of selling a unique product, or offering a discount to your customers.

astley1Luxury jewellery retailer, Astley Clarke, have designed a special product that coincides with Valentine’s Day. The idea behind the charm bracelet is that each charm symbolises the power and sensuality behind many of the aphrodisiacs. Through the design and carefully selected wording, the campaign cleverly sends the message that if a woman was to wear this bracelet; she would appear more desirable.

The design and appearance of your campaign will also play a crucial part in the success of your Valentine’s Day ad because the luxury market is a competitive business. The changes can be as simple as changing the colour of your site’s background or adding a banner to catch people’s attention.

Luxury watch designers, Michel Herbelin, have included a banner to their home page with the aim to attract potential customers. By simply adding red hearts to the design of the banner, it will draw in potential gift buyers who are actively looking for Valentine’s Day promotions.


Plan ahead

Ideally, you should begin a drip campaign ahead of time so that you are on the customer’s mind in order to prevent them purchasing from a competitor before your promotion has been launched. This could take the form of an email campaign or additionally, you may want to target any PPC, social and banner related advertising campaigns towards potential customers during the two weeks run up to Valentine’s Day.

Jewellery retailer, Astley Clarke sent out an email campaign on the 22nd January to potential customers which is ideal timing because even if they are not ready to purchase, it sets up a potential sale in the near future. To attract existing customers you could also create a pre-order list which would help you manage high demand and plan ahead.


Don’t forget about SEO

Once you are happy with your campaign, the next stage would be to think about SEO (search engine optimisation), and how you can fully optimise your website to drive traffic.

Key phrase strategy

This might seem obvious but can easily be overlooked, but think about your key phrase strategy. You could start by taking a look at your top performing keywords and give them a Valentine’s twist.

Here are some of the top keywords relating to Valentine’s Day:

  • Cupid
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Romance
  • Hearts

You should think about how you can incorporate these phrases into your current keywords and how they can be applied to your content.

Dedicated landing page

Once your keywords are finalised, it allows you to think about setting up a dedicated landing page for the chosen products. This is your opportunity to write a couple of hundred words about the products and promotion you are offering. They key is to keep it relevant and appeal to the target audience whilst incorporating the selected keywords that you want to rank for.


Using Michel Herbelin as an example; they have set up a dedicated landing page for their Valentine’s campaign where they have grouped a selection of watches that they want to sell. This allows you to focus your visitor’s attention on converting them to the action you want them to take. In this instance, Michel Herbelin are offering 50% off the total order when a customer purchases a pair of watches and by using a landing page it allows them to fulfil the promise of their banner ad.