Get Unified

This is an indicator that the chosen landing page is not giving the potential customer what they need – and this is where a unified strategy comes in. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help amp up a PPC (pay-per-click campaign) that is not reaching its full potential.

This can be done by tailoring keywords and content in the web copy to better suit what customers are searching, these updates can also improve the Quality Score of Search Ads. Meaning, Google will show these ads more often as they are deemed at a higher quality.

Silverbean recently worked with an air ambulance client who was finding that new and optimised campaigns were bringing people to their website, but that this audience was not converting. Our SEO and PPC services worked together to identify a gap in the customer journey. Although there was a homepage with a click to a quote form, there was no page which included all the information around the costs of the flight. This meant customers would be enquiring without an important decision making factor.

With this identified, the SEO team got to work to create a specific landing page that the PPC campaigns could drop users to who search for more generic air ambulance terms. This page included all the information they would need to create an informed decision and featured multiple Call-To-Actions.

Understand Customer Journeys to Boost Conversion

The results speak for themselves. The client saw a 29% increase in conversions and 12% drop in cost per lead when the new landing page went live and applied to PPC campaigns.

Maximize your marketing budget by harnessing the power of unified strategies and getting to grips with the journey your customers are making on-site. When SEO and PPC services support each other, it allows your campaigns to work even harder for you without raising your media spend.