Content Marketing: 2013’s Biggest Buzz?

If you keep up to date with developments in the fast paced marketing industry, you’ll be aware that you can’t log into Linkedin, browse through your RSS feed or scan your email inbox without being faced with the buzz surrounding content marketing.

Where industry thought leaders are eager to shout about its inbound benefits from the rooftops, making claims like “Content Is King”, and churning out blog posts like “Your Business Will Fail Without Content Marketing”, despite the obvious presence of superlative jargon, with its Google pleasing qualities you really would be wrong to turn a blind eye to these assertions.

Before you jump on the content driven bandwagon without consideration, there is one thing you need to remember; a quick, fix haphazard approach just won’t cut it. Consumers and potential business leads are drowning in a sea of content, so you need to make sure that yours is a cut above the rest.

So who’s doing it right you want to know? In order to get the creative juices flowing and light bulbs flashing for your very own content marketing efforts, we’ll be discussing one of the biggest and best content campaigns that has ever been put into place. A campaign which is not only head and shoulders above the rest in terms of planning and execution, but more importantly, record breaking in terms of coveted social shares with a humongous amount of links to match.

Drum roll please….

The gravity defying, legendary campaign is…

Red Bull’s Stratos Campaign

In case you were hiding under a rock during the Space Jump, Felix Baumgartner broke world records jumping from a capsule carried to the edge of space by a balloon flight roughly 39km above the earth. Felix broke the speed of sound during his descent, travelling at 1,136km/ hour all in an idea conjured up by the geniuses at Red Bull.

Mission Highlights Video

Vital Statistics:

Final 750x400

What makes it so monumental?

Space Jump


Jumping from space all in the name of good content? Now that’s dedication. Red Bull have become such experts at knowing their target audience and delivering content relevant to their interests that it’s sometimes easy to forget there’s an energy drink behind it.

Record breaking not only in terms of reaching new boundaries for extreme dare devils – the jump now holds the record for the most watched live stream on YouTube. This buzz and interest didn’t just crop up overnight however; the Stratos campaign was one of monumental effort but of equal reward.

Leading up to the campaign Red Bull created a site providing information on the technology driving the stunt forward. This was supported by a series of videos on the background of the records Felix was aiming to break (the “first person to break the sound barrier in freefall”, “highest vertical speed in freefall”, “highest freefall parachute jump” and “greatest freefall distance” for the fact finders amongst us). Behind the scenes access to Felix’s build up to the jump made audiences feel like they were part of the journey.

It was this journey which really made the campaign engaging and showcased their storytelling abilities. Red Bull looked for as many angles as possible to capture the audience’s attention through well thought out and captivating narratives.

The shareability of each of their content pieces is also commendable- so extreme and unthinkable that you experience emotions so strong you almost feel forced to tell your friends. It had to be seen to be believed.

Ready to take the jump?


At the end of the day we don’t all have the brand power and budget of Red Bull, but we can all learn from this colossal campaign.

Here are five things you can integrate into your content marketing strategy.

1.    Plan

With the volume and quality of the content pushed out during the campaign of equal measure, never mind the health and safety measures Red Bull would have gone through, you can tell this was no rushed job. Think about every step of the process.

2.    Start Traditionally

Go back to the traditional marketing approach, segment your market and discover their interests. Make this the heartbeat of everything you do.

3.    The Power Of Video

Red Bull captured as much video footage as they possibly could in order to maximise their story telling. If you have a story to tell consider choosing video to bring it to life. Freelance experts on People Per Hour and Elance are there to help.

4.    Engage, Don’t Promote

Little of Red Bull’s content actually had a direct sales message to promote the energy drink- if the content is engaging, your brand will stay front of mind with your audience.

5.    Tailor Your Content

When promoting and sharing their content Red Bull didn’t go for a “one size fits all” approach for their social media channels. They knew how to maximise the strengths of each platform.

If you take anything away from this, remember that content marketing is about knowing your audience- what interests and engages with them, which will ultimately create and retain interest in your offering.

Wherever you want to jump from space in the process of doing so is completely up to you…

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