mumAs it was Mothers day yesterday, I thought now would be a good time to share some recent stats regarding mothers and their consumption of advertising via social media channels.

In the same week Twitter held a conference reinforcing the message that Tweeters need to find a voice on the social medium, a new report was published by parenting club Bounty declaring brands need to connect with mothers. But why mothers?

Well, the study showed that mums are consuming more social media networks than any other form of advertising. Of the 2000 expectant mothers quizzed, 80% said they use Facebook and Twitter every day. Ed Axon, commercial director for Bounty said “marketers should aim to understand what they [mother´s] are looking for from the brand and then adapt the media mix to fulfil those needs.”

The average age of expecting mother’s today is 29 years of age and therefore represent women who have grown up in the age of the internet and as a result are digitally savvy. The Bounty report not only determined that mothers use social media networks more than the average person in the UK (51%), but 78 per cent of them also own a smartphone compared to the UK average of 39 per cent.

Digital Marketing Bites

The survey concluded that mothers want three things from a brand; products for them and their family, to share with others, and to make their money go further. Marketers also have to understand that mothers don´t have much time for browsing the internet especially those with young children. Marketers should therefore be delivering offers in bite-sized snippets in a way that is not intrusive.

The reason so many mother´s use social media networks so often is to spend time catching up with family and friends, and as a result they do not want to be consistently bombarded with messages from brands. On average two-thirds of mothers say they click ‘like’ brands on Facebook so they can get discount codes and vouchers. Only four percent they were interested in actually chatting with the brand.

Social Media Mothers

Supermarket chains have already jumped into the social media playpen with digital marketing campaigns that target young mothers and pregnant women. Morrisons has already rolled out its Kiddicare campaign by sponsoring ITV2´s Up All Night and Tesco also recently launched Tesco Loves Baby Club.

Online advertising provides brands with a platform to zero in on a specific target audience. In the case of mum´s-to-be, Netmum´s provides real-time feedback from site users and lets them become part of a community. Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard says that brands “know they are at a point where they have to build a relationship with mums,” and to do that they have to form groups through social media sites – just as Google+ does with specific project groups for business owners.

Mothercare recently trialled an approach to reach out to mothers by launching “parties” on Facebook and Twitter. They hosted a Q&A session for mother´s with an expert on Facebook and allowed mothers to tweet question and comments to Twitter in real-time during Channel 4´s One Born Every Minute.

The key to communicating with mother´s is to engage them and make them feel part of a community rather than waste their time with offers they have no interest in. Online marketing through social media sites is about building a following that want to interact independently rather than throwing random offers that are based on guesswork.