In an effort to further regulate the use of voucher codes across the UK affiliate marketing industry, the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) UK Affiliate Marketing Council (AMC) has today released an updated “code of conduct” which focuses on an increased level of transparency and control of voucher code use. The code acts as a “Best Practice” framework to ensure a fair distribution of codes across affiliates whilst providing advertisers with control and online shoppers with confidence in using them.

Compliance of the Code is currently mandatory for any affiliate / publisher who promotes advertisers via an IAB registered network. This includes Silverbean partner networks such as Affiliate Window, Webgains and Linkshare.

In this third iteration there has been a real focus on tighter drafting to ensure greater transparency and control of voucher codes across the UK market but it is ultimately the advertiser who maintains ownership. The code has always upheld a strict stance on any misleading or unauthorised use of voucher codes, we think this version is the most comprehensive yet.

The IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council Chair and Chief Operating Officer at OMG Nathan Salter said:

“The revisions to the Affiliate Marketing Council’s Voucher Code of Conduct include much tighter drafting to ensure the principles of transparency and control which have always underpinned the Code are maintained while acknowledging that the ultimate ownership of a voucher code remains with the advertiser. As affiliate-enabled businesses continue to grow, offering consumers opportunities to find savings and deals on many kinds of everyday and high-end purchases, it is incumbent on the IAB’s AMC to produce a Code that supports this highly popular and increasingly trusted form of online shopping.”

With the UK voucher code market continuing to grow rapidly, the Code is a valuable framework that ensures advertisers can continue to support affiliates in their promotions, whilst providing online customers with great offers.