Comparing changes over time is essential for the ongoing optimisation of adwords accounts. Whether it’s testing new ads, experimenting with keywords or optimising landing pages, continuously benchmarking is need over time to identify the effects these changes are having on the performance of the account.

In the past the adwords interface only provided raw data when comparing 2 date ranges, meaning account managers must export to excel and create formulas to gain any real insight. With the introduction of both absolute and percentage changes this data is in much easier reach for quick analysis.

To access these figures simply;

  1. Set a date range ensuring the compare feature is selected
  2. Click the ‘+’ button above the metric you would like to compare
  3. The column will expand showing data for both periods, along with the absolute and percentage change

With just a few clicks KPI performance can be reviewed in terms of a percentage change and any areas of interest can be quickly identified. For example, by reviewing the change in click through rate at a campaign level potential problems can be identified with ads such as increased competition or competitors offering a strong promotion.








The feature is available right down to a keyword level meaning it can be used in gain a deep insight into campaigns. When combined with filtering options large volumes of data can be quickly sorted to provide the areas of interest. For example using a filter to identify all keywords where CTR decreased by more than 50% can highly areas of potential problems to investigate.

Although this data may be nothing new for many adwords users, having it at easy access can change the way accounts are viewed. Filters can be used to quickly identify serious changes in KPI performance highlighting areas that may need to be reviewed.