Due to the overwhelming potential reach of social, it’s relevant to pretty much every vertical you can think of. But, one industry where this is apparent more than others is that of the fashion world, with more and more brands beginning to take serious note of their social channels and how they promote and convert through these.

This is where Silverbean comes into the equation…


Our long-standing client, Aphrodite, recently called on us to support their objective to become one of the largest and well-known men’s Independent Premium Fashion retailers in the UK. A lofty goal, but a very achievable one with the right know-how.

In order to do this, we knew that we had to work with the right social influencers who could elevate the brand and products to their audience using innovative methods, which were completely new to our client’s brand.

Having introduced them to the guys at The Hoxton Trend, we commissioned a pair of brand showcase videos, which would open the doors to the store on a huge platform, promote the brands in stock and share the inspiration behind the store’s creation 22 years ago.


Arguably, the most important factor in the planning was the protection of the brands involved in the video, in order to ensure they were promoted in a way which was in fitting with their brand philosophies.

If you’re considering running a similar campaign to increase social reach and following, some of the key questions you should be asking include:

– How is the brand portrayed?
– What is it styled alongside?
– Who is the content aimed at, do you know the target audience?

Take a look at our piece on the Customer Journey and the importance of personalising your approach to suit your customer.

Due to the nature of some of the brands included, we needed to ensure the content was impactful, whilst protecting brand image and ensuring no content would be detrimental to it.

After filming, the content was edited and signed off by all brands involved before being published successfully on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat to both The Hoxton Trend’s subscribers and Aphrodite’s existing following.


• So far the two combined videos have driven 26k views on YouTube and through The Hoxton Trends social channels such as Snapchat and Instagram.
• 7,634 clicks through the affiliate channel to date.
• 8 Converted Sales since October with an Average Order Value (AOV) of £248. This will be a long tail piece which will remain on site for the foreseeable future and rank on a SEO basis, so we will see continued sales from this content going forward. Well, as long as the items are in stock, of course!
• Increased social following on Aphrodite’s Instagram and Twitter pages. Alongside this there has been an uplift in interest in premium product such as Belstaff and Canada Goose, which has seen a considerable uplift and performance since October’s launch.
• We have had a number of video affiliates contact us since the video went live with a view to creating some further content to showcase the upcoming SS17 collections. These include Style with Gallucks and sneaker content site Sole Supplier.
• The overall online profile of the Aphrodite brand has improved, along with their reputation for supplying premium menswear, which let’s face it, was the original goal. A wider, relevant digital audience are now aware of the products they stock and the premium level of service, and there’s been a positive knock-on effect for the brands featured, too.

All goals achieved whilst consistently protecting brand image. Not bad for one campaign, I think you’ll agree!

While this all sounds very exciting and tempting, please remember: approach a social influencer campaign with caution. Protecting brand image needs to be a key consideration, which will ensure you’re always reaching for the right influencer, promoting the right products and ultimately, showing what you have to offer in the best light possible.

Check out Lou James’ post: Brand Protection 101 for Luxury Retailers for plenty of myth-busting insight from someone with almost 15 years in the affiliate marketing game! If Lou can’t help you understand the importance of protecting brand image whilst running an affiliate or social influencer campaign, nobody can!

For any further information on the work we do with Aphrodite, check out our case study here, or if you’re interested in learning more about our high-performing Silverbean managed affiliate programs, get in touch.