With this in mind, let us introduce Return on Attention – The SFW Edition…

You may have read our thoughts on why Return on Attention is so pivotal to marketing in our New Year’s Resolution post, so we wanted to share how our mantra works in practice and how, as marketers, we can do better.

We work in a world where some marketers think aggressive, interrupting adverts that halt the user journey are okay. Let’s be honest for a second… they’re not okay, and they’re spoiling the industry for the rest of us. Consumers are adopting Ad-Blocking software like wildfire, with a growth of 41% globally over the past 12 months.

It’s a real problem, but not a problem that can’t be fixed by marketing that delivers Return on Attention.

And sure, our thoughts on the matter won’t appeal to everyone out there, and some might even laugh it off because, right now, that style of marketing is working for them.

But that’s just now. The trends in the industry and statistics on Ad-Block adoption indicate that there’s a change in the wind, and marketers who aren’t prepared to respect their audience’s need for return on attention will flounder.

Their customers will stop listening and inevitably look elsewhere when they need information to support a product or service purchase. They’ll point-blank reject your brand and make no apologies about it.

So, share our Return on Attention slides above and encourage yourself, your peers, and the industry overall to be better at this stuff. After all, your customers expect more from you, and they’ll continue to raise their expectations.

The NSFW Edition…

If completely pointless, rude, interrupting, aggressive marketing has really got you down and you feel like you could do with venting a little bit more, we also have a very special ‘Not Safe For Work’ edition. The NSFW edition isn’t just for the more daring amongst you, it is for anyone who feels as strongly about it as we do. You owe it to your customers to make sure that you aren’t giving marketing a bad name, discover the NSFW work edition, HERE:

Return on Attention - Be Better Marketers - Silverbean
You should also check out these statistics on Ad-Blocking, compiled by Econsultancy.

Just in case you don’t believe us that the struggle is real. We’ve love to hear your thoughts on the matter, why not get in touch on Twitter and join the crusade?