A short while ago, we posted about the impending Independent Agencies Census 2015, undertaken by publishing powerhouse The Drum, alongside the RAR. We shamelessly pleaded for your votes and as of today, we’re delighted to announce our placings in this year’s census.

The census, which recognises and ranks agencies across the UK working in various disciplines, is an annual venture for the The Drum. It helps to determine and celebrate the independent companies making waves in the creative and digital spheres, taking into account financial data, peer-to-peer ratings and client feedback from the RAR platform.

This exciting news comes just shortly after we were shortlisted in The Drum Search Awards for ‘Best B2B SEO’ for our work with Lockhart Catering, and ‘Best B2B PPC’ for our campaigns with Protec Direct.

Last year, Silverbean was ever-so-slightly smaller, so were placed in the 1-25 person agency category, however this year we’ve jumped into the bigger pool and were ranked against other agencies with 26-50 staff. Here are our results:

Client Feedback

We nabbed the 14th spot in this table, placed alongside our local partners Enigma Interactive, as well as the impressive 7ThingsMedia and Bluesky Interactive, who took the poll position.

What’s great about this poll, obviously, is that it’s compiled by analysing earned client feedback from the RAR, which takes the following into account:

– Client Service
– Creativity & Innovation
– Effectiveness
– Strategic Thinking
– Value for money
– On time
– On budget

Peer to Peer

Determined by the results of thousands of votes cast via The Drum website, the Peer-to-Peer chart is fantastic insight into our place in the industry.

We were placed 7th out of a total 47 agencies voted for, which is a great achievement.

Financial Performance

Our lowest rank out of the three, but still an impressive result considering it’s our debut in the larger agency group. We ranked 42nd out of 60 in this category, again ranked alongside industry heavyweights like Tayburn in Edinburgh, plus Fold7 who took the top spot.

This ranking takes into consideration turnover, turnover growth, turnover per head, gross profit and gross profit growth on the previous year, so we’re really pleased to rank in the bigger group this year.

So what’s next?

Needless to say, we’ll be continuing to deliver outstanding client service and innovation within our sector, so that next year we can hopefully take our place in the ‘Elite’ agencies table. Why not? We’ll also be expanding our award-winning team and developing our service offering over the coming months, so it’s an exciting time.

We’d all like to thank our clients and peers who voted for us in the Independent Agencies Census 2015. Without your votes and valuable insight, we wouldn’t have placed so well this year. Well done to our peers who made the census this year and three cheers for Independent Agencies across the UK – we’re in great company!

Learn more about the Independent Agencies Census 2015 right here.