These new offerings were just revealed this week after The Drum interviewed Rami Saad, the international head of content partnerships for Snap.

The skippable ads were embraced by users, but advertisers felt differently. This shift allows advertisers to have more control and gain fuller exposure for their marketing budgets. This August, 100 premium brands throughout the UK, Australia, USA and Canada will have the opportunity to programatically buy these ads for insertion in Snap’s Discover section. The Discover shows include highly produced narratives – essentially condensed TV programming.

To coincide with the high-value content, ads are also highly produced. Brands like Cadbury have been known to use Snapchat for their slick and visual ads, and Deadpool jumped on board ahead of the Deadpool 2 release.

Currently, Snapchat’s ads are thought to cost between $3 to $5 (USD) per 1,000 impressions, but now ads bought through the Private Marketplace (PMP) could cost up to $10 USD per 1,000 impressions, or £7.50.

This shift, and a new focus on giving marketers control, could help Snapchat compete with YouTube and Facebook for content, and even e-commerce, marketing. We are interested to see how these 100 premium brands utilize these new features, and can’t wait until they are whitelisted for the masses.

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