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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

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New business enquiries:

0191 260 0716

General enquiries:

0191 406 1200

Jessica Flavell

Paid Marketing Manager

With a degree in Advertising Management under her belt, Jess started her digital marketing career as a PPC Analyst at another local agency. However, in May 2018, Jess made the move to Sliverbean, where she joined our ever-growing PPC team as Paid Marketing Manager.

Jess’ extensive knowledge runs parallel to her infectious friendliness. In fact, Jess’ transition into life as a Beaner was so seamless, few can remember when she actually started. Putting her wealth of knowledge and experience to good use, Jess hit the ground running and currently manages many of our retail clients’ campaigns, including Clarks Display, Ethical Superstore and Linda Farrow. A true master of maximising budgets, Jess’ continuous delivery of impressive results has seen her secure honourable mentions in many agency meetings.

Beaner by day, lady of leisure by night; Jess has a long term love affair with red wine that keeps her fairly occupied. When she’s not unwinding with a glass of Merlot, you’ll probably find Jess desperately trying to stop one of her two Border Terriers from escaping, an activity we’re sure has saved her hundreds on a gym membership. Prior to discovering her passion for PPC, Jess lived in Australia and New Zealand for three and half years – we assume not simultaneously – but the allure of digital marketing soon found her. An allure that’s rivalled only by her unexplainable attraction to mid- 90’s Tom Selleck.

Did you know?

In 1996, Jess won a ballet award for being the most improved and, clearly, she’s still very proud.

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