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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

General enquiries: 0191 406 1200

New business enquiries:

0191 260 0716

General enquiries:

0191 406 1200

Nic Yates

Nic has extensive knowledge on affiliates but also a good understanding of how the digital world connects to business challenges and objectives. In his role as Performance Account Director, Nic is responsible for ensuring that client campaigns are focused on supporting sales acceleration and digital performance.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing Management from Northumbria University, Nic joined the team as an Affiliate Marketing Executive. A year later, he was promoted to Affiliate Marketing Manager, thanks to impressive affiliate marketing knowledge and a host of hugely successful client campaigns.

In September 2015, he secured the post of Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager and is the fastest in our company’s history to achieve that in such a short space of time. In 2018, Nic went one further, moving into the role of Performance Account Director.

Most recently his work on budget maximisation has helped to save over £100,000 for an international footwear client in three months and over £200,000 for ATG Tickets in 18 months, whilst maintaining strong growth in content publishers within the Affiliate mix.

After living in Newcastle for eight years, Nic is back in Teesside, enjoying Parmos, Carling and lots and lots of football.

Did you know?

Nic saved one client £100,000 in three months, and another £200,000 in 18 months!

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