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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

General enquiries: 0191 406 1200

New business enquiries:

0191 260 0716

General enquiries:

0191 406 1200

Shaun Brown

Hailing from Ashington, Shaun arrived at Silverbean in February 2018 having formalised his existing flair for business development in another North East Agency. Shaun wasted no time in developing the Silverbean’s Sales department, and began securing clients and populating the team with new members within a couple of months.

Shaun uses his personable nature to understand each business’ needs and ensure prospective clients feel heard, and their concerns are clearly translated to the agency. A natural problem-solver, Shaun works tirelessly to build lasting partnerships between Silverbean and each prospective client, from the very first point of contact.

Son of James Brown – no, not that James Brown – it’s apt that Shaun enjoyed a brief stint in a semi-successful rap/dance fusion group during his teens. Having enjoyed his spell in the spotlight, Shaun couldn’t resist the allure of a career in stand-up. A career that came to an abrupt end following four gigs and a number of mixed reviews.

Shaun is the loving Dad of two children, Maddie and Michael, who he enjoys taking to the park and creating elaborate bedtime stories for. When he’s not enjoying quality time with his little ones, fitness-fanatic Shaun can be spotted at the gym. In fact, Shaun’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for fitness has allowed him to successfully run his own personal training business for nine years!

Did you know?

Shaun claims he can smell sneezes!

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