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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

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New business enquiries:

0191 260 0716

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0191 406 1200

Stephen Shaw

If you look up the term ‘tech junkie’ in any good dictionary, it’s highly likely that the definition will be listed simply as ‘Stephen Shaw’.

Or if it’s not, you need a new dictionary. Our resident gadget-fiend and self-confessed nerd is all about digital, with a penchant for the latest technology releases and a natural understanding of dead clever technical stuff.

Stephen studied Business Studies at Northumbria University, so business strategy is also his thing, but his first love has always been tech geekery!

He joined the SEO team at the start of 2015 after forging a career working with clients across multiple sectors; including retail, eCommerce, entertainment and engineering, and he now supports on analytics and development campaigns across our client accounts, putting his technical knowledge to good use.

He’s a natural problem-solver, both professionally and in his spare time – this guy just loves to solve a puzzle. It’s no wonder his words to live by come from Sherlock Holmes himself!

In April 2017, he decided a new challenge was in order and took on the role of TechOps Analyst, which is another great excuse for him to dive head-first into lots of “lovely” (as he calls it!) data to provide real-time customer insight and discover untapped opportunities for our clients. Stephen is also responsible for working across our service teams to identify opportunities for Silverbean to develop proprietary technology/software that enhances client experience and maximises campaign performance.

Finally, Stephen can also solve a Rubik’s Cube with one hand and used to be a magician. Many strings to this lad’s bow!

Did you know?

Stephen has played the drums on stage at the Hard Rock Café in Cancun, whilst the whole restaurant ate lunch. He is not a good drummer.

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