Having a fashion blog isn’t easy; writing well thought out content on popular and trending items can be hard at the best times. Being able to juggle content, SEO and social is a tough job and requires plenty of time and skill to pull it off successfully.

This article guides you towards those profiles which really work in the fashion space, and will give you the opportunity to find a rich source of followers and traffic. Hopefully there may be some you might of these you have missed, and if so you should definitely consider signing and setting them up.


Vine has seen substantial growth in 2013, and the video sharing portal shows no sign of slowing down. Vine allows users and brands to post short 6 second videos in which the clip is usually cut and chopped to explain a story over a longer period of time.Vine

Fashion bloggers are using Vine to post videos of clothing ranges they have recently purchased, beauty tips, advice and much more. Vine videos work very much like Facebook posts in that users can like and comment, with the ability to ‘revine’ which is similar to ‘Retweeting’

The full extent of Vine’s share of the social circle has yet to be seen, but with a lot of bloggers turning to Vine to extend their reach, this can only grow in popularity.



Having a Twitter profile as a Fashion Blogger is crucial; you can follow your favourite brands and retailers and get up to date knowledge of when new arrivals come in. It provides an easy way to access important information about the things you care about.

TwitterTwitter is a fantastic way of learning more about the brands you talk about on a regular basis through your blog, the standard ecommerce platform lists products but little in the way of unique imagery and events which might be occurring. Twitter is able to cut through all of this.

Ultimately this means the opportunity to write engaging content increases and gives bloggers the opportunity to write articles which other sites may not be covering. Also Twitter give you the opportunity to have your content re-tweeted by other users and even the brands themselves. This leads to improved click through’s from Twitter and improves your overall social influence with Google.



Pinterest is a board driven social platform which gives users the opportunities to ‘pin’ items which they really like and share them effortless with their friends. For a fashion blogger, it gives the opportunity to host all your content in beautifully looking board format. Ideally a Pinterest account is best optimized when the boards are labelled after brands which users may be looking for, this way you can group all your articles related to that brand in one board.pintrest

The articles you post are picked up well by Google as they appear as individual links and linked pages from Pinterest, the more you add to your boards, the more links Google will pick up.

Ultimately you want to be using Pinterest as a home to store all your articles, it provides in seconds a well categorized profile about the brands you care most about. It also allows for visitors searching for those brands the opportunity to discover your profile and your site. A popular Pinterest profile has the capability to drive a strong level of traffic to your blog.



Instagram is by far one of the most popular outlets for fashion and it is for this reason it is so high up the top 5. Instagram is an online photo sharing platform which allows users to share images with one another; the opportunity is that these instragramphotos are shared publically on Instagram, unlike the likes Facebook which is a private network.

To extend your reach on Instagram you must use hash tags around popular search terms, other Instagram users will be searching for those hash tags, come across your photos and either like or follow your profile.

In terms of fashion this become an invaluable tool, Instagram has a huge fashion following with a large percentage of those users searching every day for images around fashion.



Tumblr earns the top spot and quite rightly so, with a large community driven by Fashion this social profile is vital to any social offering for the enthusiastic Fashion blogger. Tumblr is similar to Instagram, what stumblreparates them is that Tumblr can share Links, Articles and Text. It allows for a richer media experience.

Each Tumblr user that has signed up automatically has a subdomain created on the Tumblr network. For example ‘fashionblogger.tumblr.com’ that will host all the content that is uploaded to Tumblr, it means when your articles are ‘reblogged’ by other fashion users, your content appears on their subdomain, essentially creating links from multiple subdomains. For those Fashion Bloggers looking to increase their presence in Google, it provides an opportunity to build hundreds of links of one domain. This helps Google identify social influences that your content is having and allows for your articles to have improved visibility through Google.

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