seoblackboardTo get ahead in digital marketing, you need to keep on track of SEO developments. The growth in technology, consistently changing Google algorithms and SEO strategies means you can´t dwell on a proven marketing campaign for too long otherwise it will be outdated. To stay on top of your digital marketing campaign you need to follow experts that not only report the latest news, but also offer advice about how you can best use the changes to fold into your marketing strategy.

1) John Doherty

John Doherty is regarded as an SEO guru that actually makes a dry subject sound more interesting. He has a real insight into the latest techniques and strategies, and describes them in layman’s terms so that even a casual SEO observer gets an inkling into what is happening in the virtual world of www.

2) Bottle Nose

Coming straight out of L.A’s city of angels, Bottle Nose brings you the low-down on all things social media. Their particular speciality is identifying consumer trends, shares and searches among internet/social media users thus offer vital insights that may inspire your next social media marketing campaign.

3) 0110

If you want something different from the norm, then you should pay a visit to alt-opinion masters 0110. These savvy guys offer alternative views and news on all things SEO, but you should be warned it is not for the faint of heart ort easily offended. Some of the ideas are off-the-wall to say the least and they are not shy about speaking their mind – or using foul language.

4) Fire Pole Marketing

Fire Pole Market is pretty much an all-round online marketing magazine covering umpteen aspects in the world of digital advertising. Thoroughly good read if your into this type of thing, and let’s face it marketers have to be.

5) Point Blank SEO

If you’re kept awake at night worrying about the state of search and whether your website is on the map, have a read of Point Blank SEO with your morning coffee and put your mind at ease. These guys rubbish the mundane advice 95% of so-called SEO agents, and tell you how to structure your SEO strategy differently – and better than your competitors.

You could spend all day reading SEO news and advice, but if you want to get to the heart of digital marketing and keep up to date with what’s in, what’s out and what to look out for, stick with our top five SEO suggestions and you will be guaranteed to be interested, inspired and in-pocket.