localAs we all know, targeted communications are key to ensuring customers receive only relevant and worthwhile messages that they’re more inclined to respond to. As long as we know our customer then we can start to build a relationship that will, hopefully, last a lifetime and not just result in receiving the occasional Christmas card with our name spelt incorrectly.

But how about the customers that we haven’t met yet? Search engines are rife with potential suitors who are looking to make their acquaintance for the very first time. One of the best ways to attract an audience is to present an image that suits them. For instance, if you’re an ethical company that believes in fair trade and organic produce then you’ll appeal to an audience with similar beliefs. Also, if you have something in common with the company e.g. you both live in the same town, then you’ll probably be more inclined to opt for their services ahead of an out of town alternative.

Recently, Google unveiled the stat that more than 20% of searches include local areas. So, providing websites are tuned to local searches, local companies will be given preference in search engines and appear higher up the rankings. These days mobile devices are more locally aware than taxi drivers which presents another, hugely significant, reason to target customers at a local level.

Ensuring your site is fine-tuned to local search is essential and from local key word variations to getting listed in local directories, forget the global marketplace and focus on round the corner.

Top tips for local area targeting


When creating PPC ads, aim for relatively inexpensive long-tails that feature the name of your town or city and do exactly what they say on the tin e.g. local butchers in Colchester.

Business Directories

There are loads of directories online and from old school Yellow Pages to Google Places, this is your chance to stand out and attract new customers.

Customer feedback

Be careful to include a cross-section of customer reviews and comments so as to appear as natural as possible. If you receive a negative comment be sure to respond and turn an ‘ow’ into a ‘wow’.


Include images of your premise or a local landmark so customers can instantly recognise that you’re from their neck of the woods. This encourages confidence and helps to enforce your brand identity as a local business.

Contact details

Wherever you’re listed, ensure your contact details, including hours of business, are regularly updated so customers can get in touch with you as easily and swiftly as possible.

Social media

Make sure your social pages feature local topics and that you’re actively involved in promoting local initiatives such as charitable events.

Local media

Get an article featured online or offline in local media publications and before you know it you’ll be building your reputation and getting your name out there in no time at all.


Include any local events that are relevant to your target audience, they may not be just for your business but your customers will value and appreciate the thought.