The chances are that no matter how much knowledge or passion you have about a particular topic, there is always someone out there who is going to know that added extra detail and care just that little bit more. Of course, you won’t have any idea about your nemesis if you never knew that they existed, but where would be the fun in that?

Chatting, reading, watching and listening to likeminded people online is pretty much essential for anyone interested in SEO, and if you haven’t got your own particular forum where you can debate, rant and enthuse about a particular topic then it’s probably about time you got involved.

Below are our top five SEO forums that will enable you to find out what’s being said by the movers, shakers and money-makers of the industry. So, keep it clean and keep it lively because this is where you leave your small pond and start swimming with the big fish.


V7N Network Forum

This particular forum contains an SEO-related area which is perfect for webmasters looking to make their way in the world. There are loads of established members who readily give out free tips and advice with sometimes up to 300 participants viewing at any one time.


SEO Roundtable Forum

If you’ve got a problem then there’s bound to be someone around the table who will help you solve it. This is generally a friendly place to be that’s geared up to sharing SEO knowledge through a loyal and happy band of members.


SEO Chat Forum

Does exactly what you’d expect with discussions related to a wide variety of SEO-related topics. Highly recommended for all relative newcomers to the industry and will bring you right up-to-date with the latest tactics, gadgets and insider gossip to ensure you can hold your own at even the cliquiest of conferences.


Digital Point Forum

DP is extremely popular with webmasters, especially for those interested in SEO marketing techniques. Expect to find lots of really useful threads, sending you in the direction of directories and tools, as well as plenty of experienced members willing to share their knowledge on a substantial range of SEO subjects.


Search Engine Watch Forum

With a massive back catalogue of previous Q & A’s this forum is exactly what you need if you’re stumped and require some much needed SEO assistance. SEW is an extremely easy to use site with great content and neatly categorised information – just what the doctor ordered!

So, there you have it, the top 5 forums on the planet! Of course, there are plenty of other sites around but these guys simply stand out for their knowledgeable membership base, their ability to display topics in an easy-to-use format and their thoroughly useful, sticky threads.

If you’re a webmaster, a blog owner or even an SEO virgin, get yourself onto one of the forums above because there’s a wealth of information out there and a whole lot more people that are willing to chat about it.