With encouraging figures such as McKinsey’s recent study estimating that 1.8 billion people will enter the consuming class by 2025, annually spending $30 trillion, you’d be missing a trick to not dabble your toes in international digital waters.

Starting off internationally can be daunting, with what seems like endless considerations and increased investment, but done tactically it can open up your business to opportunities beyond boundaries.

But how we hear you wondering? Here’s your answer…

Having consulted our Ultimate Guide to Upgrading your International eCommerce to Business Class you will be ready to –

• Determine whether you are ready for international expansion
• Identify potential countries for expansion
• Consider foreign cultures, languages and writing style
• Be aware of international social media network preferences
• Take the first steps to gaining global visibility with SEO
• Appreciate the differences in running an international and English based PPC campaign
• Understand what makes international affiliate marketing a success

As an added bonus you’ll also find insight on how Matchesfashion.com used affiliate marketing to generate 70% of their overall revenue from outside of UK and create a presence in 190 international markets.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our guide and set sail for new international markets today!