You may think that LinkedIn is only for wannabe job seekers who are keen to promote their CV and make contact with the movers and shakers of their particular industry and, to be fair, you’d be right.

However, there are also plenty of companies out there who are using the social networking site for their own devices too and here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. LinkedIn is the biggest professional site for networking on the planet and has a global user list of over 150 million.
  2. Members of LinkedIn are going to be (in theory) more affluent and they’ll also have more sway in the business world.

From sharing your brand’s messages, to advertising to a more influential target audience, there are fast becoming more and more reasons why having a LinkedIn Company Page should be at the top of every CEO’s wish list.

But what do I do with a company page?

The key components of every company page and corresponding LinkedIn campaign should feature at least some of the following:

  • Add your company logo or a relevant image to promote your brand or desired message.
  • Get your employees on board and request that they follow your page.
  • Announce your intentions to as many of your business associates and contacts as possible.
  • Start posting status updates and communicating with your followers.
  • Make sure you add your products and services to your company page profile.
  • Promote your page through various other social networks and feature relevant LinkedIn groups.
  • Add a follow widget on your website.

In a nutshell: LinkedIn enables your company’s presence to be felt amongst affluent professionals, key decision makers and influential business leaders – slightly different to the normal Facebook collective – yes?

Below are just three examples of companies who are using LinkedIn for business and doing rather well at it.

Kuno Creative

An inbound marketing agency that’s successful at, urm, inbound marketing, who’d have thought it? By having a regularly updated blog and associated RSS feed Kuno Creative have been able to grow their merry band of LinkedIn followers and, in so doing, promote their content and increase their web presence. Relevant and useful blog content is always rewarded no matter which social media platforms you’re using and LinkedIn is no different.


There aren’t many global corporations using LinkedIn for business purposes however, the good people at American Express thought they’d give it a punt in order to target more business customers. By creating an app for their ‘Everything You Do’ campaign they invited LinkedIn users to nominate administrators within their workplace with the person with the most votes winning a $2500 gift card. Spreading the word via LinkedIn increased brand awareness and targeted an audience who would be more inclined to sign-up for an American Express card – that’ll do nicely!


The marketing software manufacturers are quite rightly one of the top players in using social media for business and their LinkedIn company page is up there with the best of them. The key element for HubSpot is using their page to generate leads through a series of marketing offers including: free software demos and free e-books. They’re also very good at featuring recommendations from satisfied customers and have over 200 happy professionals endorsing their brand.