Ever felt the need for a cheeky afternoon pick-me-up at work? Here’s a suggestion – instead of spending company time posting a picture of your desk to Instagram , or scouting the web for discount codes, check out our selection of weird and wonderful websites that can be realistically (perhaps) integrated into your working day…


1) Essay Typer

This nifty little tool creates automated content on the push of a space bar. Specify your subject and you’re away. (It becomes remarkably less impressive when you realise the site is simply pulling content from Wikipedia, but at least it saves valuable copy and paste time.)

2) Texter

texterStrange name for what turns out to be a helpful resource to the amateur designer, or small business that doesn’t have the funds to invest in professional design work. This site allows you to create drawings with words. Instant graphic design without the designer.



3) ‘Specialist’ Social Networks

Not having much luck promoting your brands on Facebook and Twitter? Those promoting niche products could try these little beauties, such as ‘Ravelry: a tight community of knitters.’  Scarves away!

4) CSS Creatures

css-creatures-finalInstant awww. These cute little guys can be adapted to your specifications by tweeting the creators. OK, a bit more fun than factual but you can always look at the source code for some inspiration for your next web creation.



5) CSS Zen Garden

Amazing examples of what can be accomplished with the power of basic CSS – the site even discourages the use of CSS3. Even better, the site provides sample HTML and CSS for the coding beginner or amateur to experiment with, well commented for ease of use. Your finished masterpiece can even be linked to as an example of web expertise if its impressive enough.

6) Three JS

three-jsA collection of amazing interactive games made possible with JavaScript, often considered the poor relation of programming languages. This is perhaps for the more experienced, as previous knowledge of JavaScript and 3D rendering is required, but the documentation is detailed and explanatory, with a great ‘Getting Started’ section. Tip – try Learning Three JS  if you’re determined enough. (If all else fails, controlling a biplane with the space bar is a nice bit of escapism for your lunch break).


7) Mastering Multiple Backgrounds

multiple-backgroundsA starting point for web beginners to learn CSS3 with some sample code included. Amazing effects and well explained.  Don’t be intimidated – if you’re new to the coding game, starting out with HTML and CSS is recommended, although you may wish to take a little time looking at a basics tutorial.



8) 3D Flipping Circle

Learn how to create…well, a 3d flipping circle. Does what it says on the tin. Again, the value of this site is learning a new CSS technique to steal, with code provided for the less proficient.

9) Sticky Notes

sticky-notesRevolutionise your to-do lists and learn a little code in the process. . A tutorial is included, but the lazy can simply download the full source code, which is kindly provided for you. Since this is simply HTML and CSS, the files should run if you drag them into the browser, all you need to do is customise the html. It should be fairly self-explanatory once you view the files.


10) Tableize It

Create HTML tables in an instant from your Excel spreadsheets. Simply copy and paste in the content to reveal the complete code for a HTML table, plus a mockup of the finished product. Spread to web in 10 seconds flat.