By now I expect that most of you have witnessed the latest campaign by mobile network, Three. If not, below you can find a video of Shetland Pony with some seriously good moves. Moonwalking to Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, what’s not to love?

[hana-code-insert name=’Three Pony’ /]

So what exactly does a dancing pony have to do with a mobile network? Well that’s the point, it doesn’t! Three have stated that they’re proving silly stuff matters, and in my own opinion they’re doing an excellent job of doing so!

Combined with the hashtag #DancePonyDance, the video is spreading through the social media world like wildfire. It may not have any real link to mobile networks and the fact that this is the service that Three are promoting, but they’re going viral, people are talking about them and more importantly, they’re securing themselves a spot in the minds of consumers.

So, if sharing the pony video wasn’t enough already, Three have also creating an online app that links directly to their YouTube channel that allows their users to create and share their own version of the dancing pony, performing to different types of music.

The viral factor: Check

Securing a spot in the minds of consumers: Check

Excellent use of social media: Check

Making people smile: Check

A quote from Three themselves states:

“Our ad is frivolous, funny and, some might say, daft. But that’s sort of the point. With it, we want to celebrate the kind of stuff that people like to share with their friends. The stuff that on the face of it might seem meaningless, but when you dig a little deeper, you find is really about people building and cementing relationships and friendships, letting each other know they’re thinking of them.”

So, does silly stuff really matter?

Well, according to research company Brainjuicer, YES!

Prior to the production of the dancing pony, Three wanted to find out what motivates people to share content, how people feel when they receive content from people they know and all in all, why is it that mobile internet has become so vital in helping us keep in touch with each other.

The main revelation of the study: we share content to spread happiness, for reasons such as making others smile, surprising people and more than anything else, to make us feel part of a community.

Worth bearing in mind next time you’re producing your own content, that’s for sure.