Us SEO’ers love a new toy. We lap it up, rave about it, share it and use it ’till the cows come home. This can bring quick rewards and is extremely exciting. It is also quite short sighted. As an industry and a race, SEO’ers are by nature, all about the now and the benefits today, however, we need to think about tomorrow or one day, there might not be a tomorrow.

Throughout the years SEO’ers have had a tendency to jump on the band wagon of the latest amazing link building tactic, find the most time efficient way to use it and then overuse it, and then use it some more.

Here is an example of what I mean and how it can bring around an online zombie apocalypse.








Day 1: Mutated DNA Strand Infects First SEO

Innovative SEO finds an awesome new link building technique. Said SEO tests it out on himself and becomes infected with a new form of Link DNA. SEO becomes entranced by the technique and loses all human characteristics.

Day 3: Isolated Contamination Reports begin to surface

The new form of Link DNA is spreading slowly. SEOs close to new developments have been infected, becoming consumed by the new technique.

Day 5: Widespread Contamination of the LB-Virus

The majority of SEOs are now infected; this has turned into a widespread pandemic that is virtually impossible to avoid. SEOs are almost drawn to it with a sense they may be left behind without it.

Day 12: LB-Virus has virtually wiped out the SEO Race

99% of the SEO Race is contaminated with the LB-Virus now; it is thoroughly embedded in the SEO handbook. Only a few survive, writing, writing to warn of the coming purge.

Day 17: Government Issues Vague Survival Messagecutts

The Government has realised the widespread contamination of the LB-Virus and has felt the need to release vague survival instructions on how to rid of infection. Not many adhere; the help is too cryptic and PM Cutts only announces it on Twitter. The ones that do start to feel the release of the virus and slowly watch it disappear.

Day 21: Government Announces Plans to Save the People

The infection is still vast and relentless. The SEO race shows no human likeness and Prime Minister Cutts decides to act, for the good of the people. A plan is devised to rid the planet of the LB-Virus, to banish those infected to a land seen by few.

Day 27: The Government Respond with C.A.L.M (Cuddly Animal, Link Monster)

Mr Cutts delivers an almighty blow to purge the SEO Race of the LB-Virus. CALM storms the world, banishing SEOs and their homes to a barren land of no visitors, leaving only those that have avoided the harmful virus to revel in the PM’s glory and reap the rewards.

Day 34: SEO Race Regain Consciousness

The SEOs regain their humanity, they cannot understand CALM, why us? What did we do that was so bad? The population is torn – some smite the PM for what he has done, others rejoice, thankful for the eradication of the LB-Virus and a future filled with relationships and quality links. Others still start on the long, hard road to recovery.  

Conclusions from the Apocalyptic Strike

When a new link technique surfaces, and I am sure it will soon, please don’t get infected. We all have the tendency to think about the now, how can I improve rankings now, how I can increase traffic now. I realise this is in part, the nature of the beast, but let’s have some foresight and think about the techniques we will need to use in the future. Let’s diversify our link building techniques and spread the risk and reward, we don’t want to bring forward the next CALM.

Disclaimer: This is probably not what happens; the virus is just a representation of a technique and its adoption, people don’t actually get infected.