You have a drop in sales performance: PPC

Many factors can contribute to a drop in performance. Whether it’s an increase in competitors’ marketing activity, a lack of brand awareness or product seasonality, paid search campaigns can combat all of these –  and more.

A Brand Campaign can be built on AdWords and Bing platforms, ensuring anyone searching for your brand is met with ads for your products at the top of the results page, not results relating to your competitors.

If competition is an issue, a Competitor Campaign can also be built, targeting your top competitors who sell a similar product. Competitor Campaigns usually come with a higher Cost Per Click (CPC) than Brand Campaigns, but are beneficial for slower sales periods.

You can also create more generic search ads for products. People could be searching for ‘Acid wash blue jeans’, and comparing brands. These searchers may not be aware of your company or product yet, but if you are a top bidder on the keyphrase ‘Acid wash blue jeans’, your ad will be one of the first ones they see, generating clicks to your website and brand awareness. Google Shopping Ads can also help with this, showing searchers a visual of a product they are searching for.

You want to launch a new product: SEO

If your business is launching a new product or service, taking a strategic, SEO-focussed approach to the product launch will help you get your digital marketing efforts off to the right start.

Before pushing the new category live on your site, make sure you have completed the following:

  • Keyphrase research around the new product, identify keyphrase opportunities
  • Optimise product category and product-specific content around keyphrases (including all page elements)
  • Ensure internal links are built throughout the site to the new category
  • Include the new category in the navigation menu

Once your content is live, a key SEO tactic for improving the organic visibility of the new category is outreach. Outreach involves acquiring links from external websites, linking to your new category.

Approach websites relevant to your industry to share the news of your new product, or offer them a sample to review. Not only will it help to build links to your new product category, raising the authority and overall visibility of the category, but it will also raise brand awareness on external sites.

Site traffic is high, but conversions are low: Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

CRO will help you to make the most out of the traffic that is visiting your site, so you have the best chance of converting the traffic that SEO and PPC is generating.

Create Checkout Funnels through tools such as VWO, Hotjar or Google Analytics, which will show you where users are dropping out of the checkout flow. These obstacles in the conversion process could include small buttons in awkward places, objects below the fold, lengthy or confusing forms or even unnecessary text.

Review paid and social traffic and identify which traffic is converting more. This can inform which platforms you should focus your efforts on, maybe Twitter is bringing in a lot more traffic, but it is less engaged, or Pinterest is bringing in less traffic, but it engages and converts more regularly. This may be a sign to review your social strategy to increase your presence on Pinterest over Twitter, perhaps.