Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a great way of attracting traffic and business to your website. This form of internet marketing does not work for everybody and is not needed by everybody, but for others it works like an absolute dream. The following sites are those that we recommend for expert advice and topics on the topic of PPC advertising.


Google Adwords is perhaps the premier supplier of PPC campaigns and offers several attractive features as part of their service. You can easily manage your budget so you don’t overspend, amend your choice of wording, get offered free assistance and advertise your business to hundreds of thousands of prospects.

As part of their PPC service, Google also has a dedicated news page called Inside Adwords which keeps you posted about new techniques, technologies and strategies you can use to make the most of your PPC campaign. If you are using or considering running a PPC campaign through Google, Inside Adwords is essential reading.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is one of the leading online industry magazine that distributes a library of information in relation to SEO, SEM and social marketing among other things. If you want to stay on the SEO ball, SEL is the centre circle for all things digital. Contributions are posted by specialists in their field and dedicated researchers that offer advice to help web owners and specialists.

Among their treasure chest of valuable information you will find PPC snippets which offer great advice of how you can make your PPC campaign a success. Up-to-the-minute articles are posted every day, so if you are specifically looking for PPC advice, or any other specific subject, use the search function at the top of the screen to hone into the info you are looking for.


BingAds is essentially a community forum not too dissimilar from a social media network. Blogs are posted on a regular basis by users, most of whom are SEO industry professionals offering advice about, strategies, success stories, latest developments and SEO techniques, technologies and how to get the most from your social media marketing campaign.

Given the contributors are using these techniques and strategies every day, they are best placed to analyse the results and recognize trends, therefore the advice they offer is from first-hand experience and is likely to be beneficial to your internet marketing campaign. To narrow the article options to find the PPC you are looking for use the search button in the top right-hand corner.

Setting up PPC campaigns is extremely easy, but the difficulty is where and how you advertisements should be positioned. Understanding your audience and the latest internet marketing trends in relation to pay-per-click will give you invaluable insights as to how your online marketing campaign will bear more fruit than the seeds you plant.