Twitter-Hashtags_0The ever-increasing importance of social media’s influence over search engines shows no sign of abating, and in order to keep ahead of the game you need to be creative, unique and relevant with regards to everything that you place online.

The use of hashtags, on sites like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, have long been thought of as quick and easy means of generating a buzz and, as we all know, where there’s a buzz there’s a marketing bee sniffing around for pollen. As such, more and more hashtags are crossing into the realm of marketing and becoming highly effective tools of the social media business trade.

It’s easy to define a hashtag as part of the SEO keyword family and there are loads of tools out there to help you find the most appropriate tag for your business as well as several to help you see what’s hot and currently trending.

If you’re able to create incredible hashtags then you’re not only able to communicate more succinctly but you’ll also be able to increase your brand/product/service exposure to a much wider and more interactive audience. Check out the five points below as to how you can build better hashtags and how they can benefit your business:

Make your characters count

– you only get 140 characters on Twitter so keep your hashtags to about 20 characters per Tweet. Don’t overload each Tweet with tags as not only is it seen as spammy it can also have a negative effect on your brand.  Be creative, simple and stand out from the crowd without mentioning your brand name and without blowing too many minds.

Don’t panic

– if you’re expecting your hashtag response rate to go through the roof every time you fire one off then get realistic. Involve yourself in a relevant community, chat to different users, make friends and monitor responses. If it happens it happens just don’t expect too much and try to have a contingency plan if things go pear-shaped.

Pull in the leads to your site

– By integrating a hashtag campaign through separate marketing techniques and online channels you’ll be able to direct users and chitchat back to your site. This is essentially what you’re aiming to do by delving into the social media world for business purposes – get them to your site and prompt a call to action.

Official Events – Trade fairs, conferences and festivals all have official hashtags these days and joining in the conversation and making new like-minded friends are both great ways to increase your brand presence through your knowledge, awareness and engagement. You don’t even have to attend to source an event hashtag just find out what it is and keep in touch with your industry’s movers and shakers in real-time.

Jump on-board – By seeing what hashtags are trending or popular within your industry you’ll be able to add your own thoughts and initiate the conversation to lean towards your site’s content. Ensure you keep up the narrative naturally without being too obvious, keep it friendly and jump on-board existing topics and interesting chats.