socialYesterday I wrote a blog post where I outlined five recommendations from us lot here at Silverbean, for ensuring you aren’t falling behind with your digital marketing this year.

Below you can find five more of our recommendations, based upon our 2013 digital marketing predictions piece.

Integrate your Social Media

In 2012, search engines stepped up their challenge to provide end users with a better service. By putting an emphasis on trusted sites, Google opened the door for members of social network sites to have their say. In 2013 shares, likes and links to your website from social media networks is expected to carry more weight in search engine rankings than ever before. Up until now, social media has been a very standalone feature in many marketing strategies, however, this year you should be working towards integrating your social media into the rest of your marketing mix.

Market in the Real Time

Never before has the expression “Strike whilst the iron is hot” taken on more emphasis than marketing in the digital age. Prospects have a wealth of choices at their finger tips, and with a few clicks of a mouse can evacuate your website and snap up a bargain from a competitor. At present, real-time marketing is a relatively unexplored arena, but software sales surveys indicate that instant responses have the potential to make a major impact on sales revenue. Marketing managers need to improve the speed at which content is developed as the demand for real time content will continue to rise. Timely content is key.

Don’t let your Content Slip

Google is clamping down on websites that have poor content, and giving preference to web owners that provide quality information that is useful to readers. Content marketing is the major force in online marketing at the moment, and 2013 is likely to see more emphasis given to websites that provide quality blog content rather than run-of-the-mill ramblings that does not provide anything of use to readers. Google updates changed the way we looked at link building, with the focus on quality over the huge quantities that were being built. If you need an indication of just how seriously the big brands are taking this then take a look at Coca Cola’s 2020 strategy.  Invest time in producing high quality, valuable content. Content is, and will remain king. Don’t fall behind.

Embrace Video

The future of online marketing is in video and we predict that 2013 will be the year in which there will be a significant rise in promotional videos. Not only does video content score well for search engines rankings, but a video can demonstrate to prospects what your products look like and what performance capabilities they have. Giving prospects a virtual shop window of your products is guaranteed to increase sales. The perceived difficulty and cost of creating video
puts companies off making it, however, as Google changes and starts taking notice of more  social signals, companies are going to have to start producing high quality  content that is more likely to be viewed and shared, rather than just linked to.

Get to Grips with your Big Data

According to IBM, 90% of the data that exists today has been created in the last two years. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created on a daily basis, the ability to convert this into something useable is invaluable. By  understanding Big Data you can understand the trends of your own  business, and by combining, correlating and cross referencing, you can identify weaknesses and target key segments to drive business decisions.  Having control of this will allow you to react to any
changes in  customer attitude, changes in the market you work in or other external factors to minimise risk to cash flows and increase opportunities.