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Care Shop (Bunzl Group) – SEO

Performance Case Study

Who is the client?

Care Shop is a specialist retailer providing equipment and supplies for a range of care and medical settings, including care homes and home care agencies. As experts in their field, Care Shop pride themselves on offering reliability, first class service and high quality products to meet every client’s needs.

What did they want to achieve?

Care Shop wanted to migrate their website to a new platform, and as their digital agency overseeing SEO, Silverbean were tasked with ensuring their transition was as smooth as possible, aiming to minimise any potential negative impact on organic search visibility.

In the longer term, Care Shop also wanted to increase their organic visibility for key categories on the site, with an overall aim of increasing organic revenue in 2016 by a substantial amount.

How did we affect performance?


As soon as Care Shop began to make plans for a new website, Silverbean became involved from the very beginning, which allowed us to work alongside their developers to ensure that any potential SEO pitfalls were avoided and industry best practices were adopted early.

As well as delivering SEO recommendations, we were able to access the development site as it progressed through the build. This enabled Silverbean to fully understand the opportunities available and maximise on these with newly optimised content.

Once the site was ready for migration, we oversaw the whole process, including the development of a redirect map ensuring that URLs for over 5,000 product lines were redirected to the right place on the new website. All of this helped to make the site migration go extremely smoothly, both in terms of customer experience and search visibility.


Once the site migration had taken place, this gave us an excellent grounding to carry out content optimisation work to help boost the visibility of key product categories even further. We started out by optimising an extensive selection of content. Alongside this work, we created blog posts on related topics, with strong internal linking between the blog and the product pages, to help build topical and semantic relevance right across the site.

Before delivering any content, Silverbean always spend time getting to grips with a business, including understanding their target audience, tone of voice and business objectives. By fully understanding Care Shop’s needs, Silverbean were able to deliver work with a high level of attention to detail, resulting in useful content which was helpful for the user as well as increasing the search visibility of those products and categories.

The Results

48% increase in organic traffic year-on-year

61% increase in new organic users

59% increase in organic revenue year-on-year

Original organic revenue target exceeded by 36% and stretch target exceeded by almost 11%

These results are even more outstanding in the light of the fact that it is almost industry standard to expect a reduction in organic visibility and traffic following a site migration.

Silverbean’s consultation work throughout the migration process meant we actually saw an increase in traffic, which shows just how important it is to have the right support in place at such a critical time. This also provided us with a strong foundation from which to continue taking the campaign from strength to strength.

Not only do Silverbean deliver on our day-to-day management of SEO exceptionally well, they have been an outstanding support during our site migration. The team at Silverbean work very closely, and happily, with our web developers and this help was priceless during the launch of the new site. We are looking forward to an even more successful 2017. It goes without saying that we would recommend the team to anyone looking to collaborate with a genuine digital partner.

Daniel Goodfellow
Digital Marketing Manager

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