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Explore! Worldwide – Unified

Performance Case Study

Who is the client?

Founded in 1981, Explore are a specialist small-group adventure holiday travel company.  They are one of the most trusted adventure tour operators in the UK and they currently have over 500 trips across 120 countries. The range of trips include walking and trekking tours to polar voyages, family adventure holidays, cycling tours to list only a few.

What did they want to achieve?

Explore started working with Silverbean as they needed support to develop and unify their digital marketing activity. They understood the benefits of a centralised digital marketing campaign, where all channels work together to deliver a better customer journey and increased objective performance.

Explore had both short and long term objectives that they wanted to achieve, as well as a desire to create a singular marketing experience, regardless of the channel with which their customers interact.

How did we affect performance?

Through analysis of the different customer streams at Explore, we worked together to create a unified marketing strategy which made the best use of each digital service that Silverbean provides.

The strength of working in this unified way allowed each service to play its specific role in the marketing mix. The flexibility of the unified approach, used with Explore, means refinement within each individual service can contribute to the larger success of the brand, all of which is coordinated through Silverbean.

For Explore, each individual digital channel created bespoke strategies to meet the business objectives, whilst the overall performance is managed centrally. This fluid approach allows for the swift uptake of new opportunities and the ability to use the strengths of each digital channel when needed, to contribute to overall performance.

The Results


YoY increase in bookings (online and by telephone)


YoY increase in online bookings


YoY increase in online booking revenue

Silverbean work flawlessly as an extension of our internal team and any challenges that arise, we face together. Since unifying our marketing activities, I have been continually impressed by the helpfulness and efficiency of the whole team. Our PPC performance has dramatically improved and the level of detail and expertise we get from the SEO team is outstanding.

Sarah Fowler
Head of Marketing

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