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Development Case Study

What development did we aid?

During the first month of the Flybe Search campaign, our consultants carried out a comprehensive technical SEO audit of the website, checking over 130 different on-site factors, including how the site is coded and server level functions, such as redirections.

The website appeared to be suffering from a potential duplicate content issue as site performance had been declining for a number of months, while indexed pages had significantly increased over time.

Key development factors:

Silverbean identified the causes of these issues and significant duplicate content, and worked closely with the Flybe web and IT teams to produce the necessary redirect and traffic routing rules to remove as much as possible and ensure the site had maximum visibility.

The Results

The Results


Duplicate pages on the website reduced from 1,290 to 2

Indexed pages reduced from over 15,000 to correct level of around 1,100

Average year-on-year organic traffic recovery +10%

Average year-on-year organic revenue recovery +20%

“Silverbean has been an outstanding partner to our digital team at Flybe. They are adept in strategy creation and they continuously deliver against our objectives and go above and beyond wherever possible. The whole team is extremely knowledgeable, proactive and we are looking forward to our continued work together to achieve Flybe’s ambitious goals. We would recommend the agency to anyone looking for a genuine digital partner.”


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