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Google Tag Manager Restructuring – Analytics/Optimisation

Strategic Case Study

What did we implement?

We implemented the restructuring and augmentation of Google Tag Manager and analytics accounts for multiple clients like Explore!, Formica, and ScS.

We often find that clients have existing but outdated implementation of Google Tag Manager and analytics.

This often includes:
• Missing Ecommerce data
• No measurement of key interactions on site
• Unorganised Tag Manager and analytics accounts
• No trust in the data

Why is it important to have...

For the marketing team within organisations to be able to make key decisions correctly, it is integral that the data that is relied upon is accurate. Accurate data can then be used to effectively optimise campaigns and site performance on an ongoing basis.

It’s also important to be measuring all of the key interactions on site, as well as the primary conversions. This can help to build further insight into the key customer journeys and how they impact on conversions.

The Benefits of this development

When our work is completed, it allows for accurate measurement of Ecommerce and the accurate data is accessible to the marketing teams involved, this then allows them to analyse and improve the performance of their campaigns.

The implementation adds a new layer of insight into the behaviour of the users on sites. This helps the marketing teams to understand which interactions truly help users through the primary user journey.

An added benefit of the re-organisation and explicit labelling of their analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts is that it makes navigation around these systems any easy process.

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