The client

MONNIER Frères is a Paris based, online only, luxury leather bag and accessories merchant, founded by two brothers Jean and Guillaume Monnier in 2010. Their goal – to create the ultimate online destination dedicated exclusively to accessories.

Silverbean launched the German Affiliate Programme for MONNIER Frères, on the CJ network. As a new entrant to this market, Silverbean were tasked with ensuring sustained revenue growth with a significant emphasis on brand awareness and blogger outreach.

Our objectives

Our objective for the strategy was simple: to sustain revenue growth for the brand as we developed their affiliate programme.

Our approach


  • Through Silverbean’s relationship with (a German based PR agency specialising in both male and female influencer management), we were able to engage with and gift key bloggers in the German affiliate space.
  • Following a successful campaign in the UK for MONNIER Frères, which targeted wealthy Chinese families and students via Weibo, Silverbean spotted an opportunity to harness a similar approach in Germany. A number of Weibo affiliates based in Germany and targeting the Chinese community within, were targeted to sign up and commence promotion of MONNIER Frères’ offers and sale deals.


  • Coupled with the above, Silverbean ensured that relationships with key bloggers using the rewardStyle platform were utilised. Weekly reports on the rewardStyle dashboard were dissected to pinpoint any new affiliates to reach out to, or to highlight any key influencers we needed to engage with. A subsequent “reach out” plan was then produced and signed off by the client.
  • Coupled with a focus on quality content and influential bloggers, Silverbean also successfully launched a small scale campaign with the top voucher code and cashback affiliates within the German space. Operating this on a small scale ensured that MONNIER Frères could harness the large audience these sites offer access to, but also maintain a level of brand protection. Silverbean constantly monitored MONNIER Frères’ presence on site to ensure brand guidelines were upheld – this ensuring that the luxury approach is never jeopardised.

The results

  • Increased revenue 313% YoY
  • 30% of revenue in Q4 generated by content and lifestyle affiliates.
  • Over 20% of revenue in Q4 generated by Weibo accounts targeting wealthy Chinese students and families residing in Germany.