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NewcastleGateshead Initiative – SEO

Performance Case Study

Who is the client?

NewcastleGateshead Initiative are a marketing agency who promote travel, tourism and investment in the Newcastle and Gateshead area. NGI are an authority on information and events in the North East, attracting both local and international visitors to the region.

What did they want to achieve?

Silverbean developed a content hub strategy which focused on the topic of the Great North Run; a hugely popular annual North East event that attracts tourism to the region, with plenty of scope for in-depth topical content. The creation of the hub included re-purposing existing on-site content about the Great North Run and implementing new, fresh optimised content that would better satisfy user intent and behaviour.

The content created focused on a range of Great North Run topics such as training tips, accommodation information and starting times, strategically linking them to other areas of the hub and partner sites.

How did we affect performance?

This allowed NGI to leverage search volume during the peak periods for trending Great North Run related searches, such that the benefit was felt throughout the rest of the year. Our hub also allowed users to engage with the content by directing them to relevant off-site pages. The evergreen nature of the content meant that hub could be updated and expanded with supporting content, would perform year-on-year and have greater authority and visibility during peak periods.

The Results

Increased organic sessions landing on Great North Run pages by 2728% compared to the previous year, with increases across the board in user engagement metrics (increased users, pageviews, pages/session, average session duration and a significant decrease in bounce rate)

Directed users to relevant external websites to provide further insight on how users were engaging with the content on the NGI website

The hub contributed to 6% of all organic site traffic during the month of September, compared to 0.29% in 2015

Greater visibility for GNR pages. In September, these pages contributed to 8% of all site Impressions and 6% of All site Clicks.

Increased number of keywords ranking within the SERP including the head term ‘Great North Run’ moving from 44th position to the first page, with a highest ranking of fourth position.

If I was to describe Silverbean in one word it would be innovative. They are constantly looking for new ways to improve our performance with SEO. The recent successes with topical hubs is looking very exciting. Watch this space. We look at the team as an extension of our team and they are a genuine pleasure to work with

Marc Burns
Digital Marketing Manager

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