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Rare London – Affiliate Marketing

Performance Case Study

Who is the client?

Rare London is a boutique women’s fashion brand, showcasing women’s clothing collections alongside fashion forward campaigns. Rare’s style is influenced by catwalks and celebrities, creating on-trend hot looks at great prices. It is possible to buy direct from Rare London on their website.

What did they want to achieve?

The majority of Rare London’s sales come from within the UK. When they came to Silverbean they were already achieving some sales from the US, but wanted their aim was to increase this, alongside increase brand awareness within the region as part of their long-term international growth plans.

As the initial international expansion began in the US, an English speaking territory, it meant that it didn’t require costly site translation, and therefore made it simple for communication with key US bloggers and affiliates.

How did we affect performance?

Back in 2015, Silverbean and Rare London started working with Polyvore as part of the affiliate program on a CPC basis. Polyvore is a content driven commerce site, with a community made up of around 80% US customers.

At the same time, we built a working relationship with POPSUGAR (Shopstyle), a similar site, but working on a CPA basis. Their CPA was boosted at times in order to boost Rare London’s results in their search algorithm, and gain the brand newsletter inclusions, with a reach of 1.5 million US subscribers, making up 70% of their database.

In October 2016 we increased the activity and we started working with Shopcade, a platform that allows users to purchase from multiple fashion retailers all in one place. The platform is international, and 20% of their customers are from the US.

Silverbean also dedicated time to implementing a US blogger outreach program, which had full sign off from Rare’s marketing team.

In July 2016, a list of 60 brand approved bloggers were approached about working with the brand, predominantly on a gifting basis. Naturally, some bloggers were not willing to work on this basis, requiring additional fees. From this list, 5 key bloggers were selected to move forward with and they chose their preferred product from the Rare London website. Silverbean handled the gifting process and ensure that they were features on their blogs and social media channels correctly. If these bloggers were not already members of or were unwilling to join Rare London’s affiliate network, Affiliate Window, then Silverbean encouraged them, to use tracking links via Skimlinks, rewardStyle, or a bespoke link created by ourselves.

The Results

All 5 US bloggers that we gifted, posted imagery and commentary of the Rare London products on their websites and social media channels, allow the brand to be showcased in front of a collective audience of over 1.4 million during September/October 2016.

Between 17th-21st September, a huge increase in traffic was witnessed on the affiliate program, via third-party monitiser, Skimlinks. This was due to Buzzfeed US featuring Rare London in their article entitled “29 International stores you’ll want to shop right now

September 2016 was the best performing month on the program thus far for Polyvore, indicating that many customers saw the content exposure and chose to buy through Polyvore, a platform they are familiar with in the US. Although it is worth noting that the brand is also performing well via POPSUGAR (Shopstyle) and Shopcade.

In 2016, the affiliate program overall has witnessed a 238% revenue increase, and a 95% traffic increase compared to 2015.

“The work Silverbean have done with US bloggers has been an integral part of our international growth through 2016. The bloggers they chose where engaging and on brand. The increase in figures across the board is testament to the hard work the team have done.”

Brad Ledson
E-Commerce Manager, Rare London

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