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Performance Case Study

Who is the client?

ScS Sofas is one of the UK’s largest furniture retailers, with over 100 stores across the country and a growing online presence. While considered to be specialists in sofas and carpets specifically, they also sell flooring and other household furniture.

The company was established back in 1894, long before e-commerce, and they’re committed to providing expertise on their wide range of products whether the customer is in-store, on the phone or critically, online.

What did they want to achieve?

Increased levels of traffic and revenue are always at the top of our targets with ScS. Being a large household name, ScS are already key players in anything sofa related online, and so have a relatively easy time in terms of organic search visibility. Thus the focus tends to be on maximising the traffic and revenue driven to the site.

As well as this, we often work to improve the brand’s reputation online – helping the customer service and social media teams overcome any negative sentiment that might be coming through social platforms.

How did we affect performance?

We developed a very agile strategy to adapt to the ever-changing needs and requirements of ScS as a business. ScS frequently run promotions, sales and offers, meaning we must adapt quickly in order to maximise their impact online.

We employ a long-tail organic search strategy, focusing less on broad terms such as “sofa”, and look for opportunities around more specific searches, which yield a higher conversion rate.

This strategy ensures we target profitable key-phrases through ScS’ landing pages for their key products and exclusive brands – which bring them the most revenue.

Our strategy also involves building relationships with key online influencers and bloggers in the home and interior industry, and work with those to help raise the brand profile of ScS through targeted link building campaigns. Part of this engagement strategy was the successful #SofaCelebrations campaign, which ran throughout the duration of the World Cup.

The Results

Since commencing work on ScS’ digital performance, we’ve delivered a 15-20% increase in organic traffic versus the same period last year, plus a 70% increase in online revenue.

We see average search engine rankings improve every month and can now compete with brands with much larger marketing budgets.

Additionally, the #SofaCelebrations campaign secured an increase in social media followers, blog readership and generally, more positive interaction with the brand during the 5 weeks of the campaign. Quite impressive, considering England’s early exit from the tournament!

Going forward, we will continue to work closely with ScS to ensure our methodologies and objectives are aligned.

Silverbean are very easy to work with, very knowledgeable and technically sound - so everything has been great. Previously we worked with a number of agencies across our various digital channels and the incoherent approach just wasn't working for us. We decided to move our campaigns to Silverbean and have been really impressed with the work so far. It just works!

Sarah Oldroyd
Head of Digital

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