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Shepherd’s Friendly – Affiliate Marketing

Performance Case Study

Who is the client?

Shepherd’s Friendly is a mutual society, specialising in finance. They offer their customers an array of savings, investment and insurance products, including ISA’s and life insurance plans.

Since establishing in 1926, Shepherd’s Friendly is now a multi-million pound operation, with over 66,000 members throughout the UK.

What did they want to achieve?

After a bad experience with a previous agency, Shepherds Friendly wanted a more stable, consistent and transparent affiliate program that allowed them to build solid, trusted relationships with their publishers.

Shepherd’s Friendly wanted to increase the volume of conversions seen via the affiliate program and turn it into a more prominent, successful part of their business.

How did we affect performance?

Our first action was to put them in the best possible place to succeed. To do this we suggested moving to the OMG affiliate network which specialises in finance merchants. We then worked with Shepherd’s Friendly to come up with a commission structure that was attractive to affiliates but also worked within their margins. This was a work in progress and over the first few months we optimised commissions to make sure they worked for all parties.

On their previous network, cash-back affiliates had performed well, but as their competitors previously offered a lot more commission, this was an area we addressed straight away.

Shepherd’s Friendly created co-branded landing pages and we worked with the cash-back affiliates to make sure the merchant pages were optimised accordingly.

To ensure that all activity on the program was as transparent as possible, we used a project management tool that was updated daily to allow Shepherds Friendly a full overview of what we were doing.

The Results

Based on Jan-July 2013/14 comparison, our results for this campaign were as follows:


increase in online sales


increase in conversion rate

By implementing a commission structure that really used Shepherds Friendly margins to their maximum potential, we were able to really incentivise the cash-back sites in particular. This lead to more premiums of a higher value, as the commission value was far more generous as the premiums increased.

Our campaign also established the Shepherd’s Friendly much further with the right type of affiliates, paving the way for future campaigns which will allow continued increases in sales and conversion.

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