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Traidcraft – SEO

Performance Case Study

Who is the client?

Traidcraft’s vision is a world free from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just, and people and communities can flourish. Acting as one of the biggest voices within the fair trade industry they are responsible for countless development projects, along with raising the profile of fair trade on a national and international level.

What did they want to achieve?

Traidcraft approached Silverbean with a clear objective, to improve the performance of their Christmas product range through organic channels. The internally-created revenue target matched similar levels of performance in 2014, focusing on maintaining revenue within an industry which has been consistently in decline since 2005.

How did we affect performance?

Silverbean implemented the strategy from the ground upwards. The initial phase of the strategy rollout entailed rewriting large proportions of the site, including page titles, body content and meta descriptions. Silverbean identified Traidcraft’s ability to proactively target generic product terms, mainly revolving around Christmas gifting, to help add fair trade as a consideration during the customer acquisition process. Silverbean treated the Christmas product range as an entry path into the world of fair trade. To develop the foundations of the site Silverbean also focused on technical quick wins, such as crawling efficiency and loading speed

Working closely with Traidcraft’s PR team, we also planned and developed three major content pieces which incorporated hooks, complimentary emphasis on the core message of ‘Show You Care’ and to offer additional insight into the story behind the message. Silverbean’s strategy would also focus on key customer touch points which entailed adjusting the writing tone, website loading speed and the inclusion of video.

The Results

Achieved the 6 month revenue target a whole month early.

Surpassed the organic revenue target by almost £200,000

Increased revenue year on year by almost 33%

Increased YoY organic visitors throughout a key trading period (Nov-Dec) by almost 25%

Obtained over 3,000 Facebook likes through our #JustFriday infographic

Silverbean are an impressive team, who go above and beyond to deliver on their objectives. Choosing Silverbean as our digital marketing agency has given us access to expert knowledge and education, while forming a fantastic partnership that I believe has had a direct influence on the amazing results we have achieved. Silverbean are stand out performers in the digital marketing sector and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Silverbean to anyone looking for a digital marketing agency.

Joseph Marsh
Digital Marketing Manager

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