The Affiliate Marketing opportunity in APAC

As with all affiliate marketing strategies, there isn’t a one-size fits when it comes to your strategy in APAC; your strategy to target South Korea may need to be adjusted to resonate with an audience in Singapore.

However, despite some of the country-specific nuances, there are some broad generalisations within the APAC market, which you should consider before you jump in.

Mobile first first

Throughout APAC, and South East Asia (SEA) in particular, desktop was skipped. Everything is mobile. Start your APAC strategy with a strong mobile experience for your customers.

Purchase behaviour

GDP varies massively across the region, as does purchase behaviour and habits. Ensure you have the right match for your brand with the territories you are reaching.


There are many different languages and currencies at play across the region. If you don’t cater to these local differences, you could miss out on maximising your performance.

Our Partnership Marketing approach within APAC

As leaders in the field, we understand the nuances of running an international affiliate campaign and believe in delivering true value through partnership marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to target one or 100 countries, we treat each country as a separate project. This location-specific strategy helps us get the best results for our multinational clients.

Our world-class APAC affiliate team are based in Sydney, and have close relationships with publishers across the region. At Silverbean, we believe in nurturing close relationships with all our key partners; this helps us gather useful insights into local knowledge, exposure opportunities and audience influencers across the globe, all of which we can use to your advantage.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss your expansion plans into APAC, get in touch with our Associate Director in Australia, Annabel Gray by calling 0431 270 248, drop her an email or follow this link to our contact page.

Our team down under

Annabel Gray

Associate Director Australia

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Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager

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