Brands focusing on affiliate & partner marketing are growing faster

There is clear evidence backed by market-leading research that business leaders that take their affiliate & partner marketing seriously are experiencing significant gains their competitors are not.

Since we set up 17 years ago, we have seen the trends around affiliate marketing change considerably, and never before now have we seen brands take this channel more seriously.

And when you digest the highlights from one of the industry’s major research report, it is easy to see why.

The Forester Report in 2019 commissioned by Impact found:

  • Partner marketing contributes an average of 28% of overall company revenue for companies with highly matured strategies
  • Companies with mature partnership programs grow revenue nearly 2X faster than others.
  • Partnership marketing revenue growth rates for high-maturity companies outpace low-maturity companies by more than double.

You can access the full report here.

How can Silverbean help me understand what potential growth there is with our affiliate & partner marketing?

We have built a proprietary Partner Marketing Progression Model that enables us to assess your current strategy and activity against several strategic stages, starting at the basic level and moving through to global world-class. Most brands that engage with us are still at the earlier stages of the model and have ambitions to run advanced or market-leading strategies.

Our analysis is extremely transparent and is supported with a robust forecast of what your brand’s sales performance from its partner marketing should be.

Brands that begin working with us will commonly see an increase in sales from affiliate partners by 40% in the first twelve weeks, which is an instant impact.

In addition to sales growth, we also focus on identifying measurable cost savings from affiliate programs, often this can be tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars in the first year alone.

If you would like to understand more about our unique and advanced strategies to building high-performance affiliate & partner programs then please call Nicholas Yates, Performance Account Director on 0191 406 1200 or email

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We always start with an informal chat.  If you like what you hear from us then we can conduct a free no obligation assessment of your current affiliate & partner marketing and take it from there.

Nicholas Yates

Nicholas Yates
28 Sep 2020