Get with the Program: Episode 1 – Nicholas Yates & Alexander Phillips

Supercharge Your Affiliate Program by Recruiting New Partners in 2023

Introducing the ‘Get with the Program’ series brought to you by Silverbean!

Get with the Program is our new content series bringing you exclusive insight, actionable advice and lessons learnt from some of the most credible and knowledgeable leaders within the Affiliate & Partner marketing industry. 

To kick things off, in episode 1 of ‘Get with the Program’, our Head of Global Affiliate Partnerships, Nicholas Yates, is joined by CEO and founder of partner discovery platform Breezy, Alexander Phillips. Breezy, which was founded in 2019, aims to make it quick, easy and cost-effective to discover relevant partnership opportunities (that can actually pay off) leaving you free to focus on making your partnerships a success. Their customer base is made up of a diverse range of partnership managers, marketing managers, CEOs, growth managers and founders who are looking to self-grow their business.

Recruiting new partners is one of the most challenging but potentially rewarding aspects of any affiliate program. Within this conversation, we tackle and provide solutions to recruitment pains such as identifying the right affiliate partner for your brand, how to effectively approach affiliate partners and how to differentiate yourself when doing outreach to new partners. Supercharge your affiliate program by recruiting new partners!


0:00 – What is partner recruitment?
2:00 -What are the main pains of partner recruitment?
9:47 – What difficulties do account managers face when outreaching to new partners?
12:00 – Does an Affiliate Manager need to be good at sales?
15:18 – What is the framework to a highly functional, long-lasting partnership?
20:28 – How to successfully identify new affiliate partners for your brand
24:10 – How to approach different partners for ultimate recruitment success
26:45 – How to differentiate yourself when outreaching to potential partners for your channel
32:25 – Is recruitment underrated or overrated?
34:40 – How persistent do you need to be when outreaching to new partners?

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Emily Holden

Emily Holden
05 May 2023