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Our Approach

There are thousands of digital agencies out there today. How do you cut through the noise to choose one that will allow you to achieve, impress and progress?

It’s not enough to have a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. At Silverbean, we don’t think that’s ever been acceptable. That’s why we believe our long-established approach promotes better marketing all round.

Pointless Marketing gives marketers a bad reputation, and that’s simply not how we operate.

That means no shouting at customers to get their attention whilst giving them nothing in return. No annoying spam ads with translucent ‘close’ buttons that make them virtually impossible to close and in turn, make consumers despise not only the brands who use them, but marketing as an industry.

We use data, customer insight and a personable approach to create quality digital experiences that will engage your customer and increase their loyalty to your brand.

In short, our strategies are about earning attention – and keeping it.


  • Return on Attention
  • Useful Content
  • Step Change
  • Measurement
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Return on Attention

Advertising isn’t working anymore. A large proportion of British adults use ad-blocking software, and far more simply ignore ads. Of the 360 marketing messages most people see each day, around 50% go completely unnoticed.

Customers’ time is limited, and faced with ever-increasing demands on their attention, they are rightly becoming more discerning about which content, marketing and advertising they engage with, and more critical of brands who fail to meet their expectations.

Over time, even successful campaigns will suffer plateaued performance, as customers’ expectations increase and brands are unable to keep up.

To engage this more demanding and commercially aware audience, we’ve developed the concept of Return on Attention as a core element of our approach to digital marketing.

Just as brands expect a return for their marketing investment, consumers rightly expect a return on the time and attention they invest in brands, and brands’ future digital performance is inextricably linked to their ability to deliver this.

Making Return on Attention a key focus alongside Return on Investment drives a balanced approach to the needs of the brands we work with and their customers.

By maximising the value our clients’ digital marketing is able to deliver to their customers, we’re able to drive significant uplifts in traffic combined with increased engagement and conversion, leading to a step change in overall digital performance.

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Useful Content

In today’s marketing landscape it’s not enough to broadcast to customers. Instead, brands must provide return on attention to their audiences, or risk being ignored.

But what kind of return are users looking for?

A 2015 survey found that consumers overwhelmingly prefer “useful” brands to simply “interesting” ones. As online behaviour changes from long periods of research to shorter, more fragmented interactions, the brands able to deliver long-term growth will be those who are able to provide the most value to their users in key points of need.

To create marketing that delivers real Return on Attention, we base our strategies around Useful Content – digital assets that help users and actually earn their attention by delivering value, rather than simply broadcasting.

By basing content on a deep understanding of audiences’ online behaviour through data, the problems they encounter and the triggers that lead them to search for information, our strategies drive engagement, awareness and traffic by making brands genuinely useful to their customers.

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Step Change

As customers’ expectations increase and they disengage from marketing that doesn’t deliver return on attention, brands working to grow their digital performance face challenging conditions and often struggle with plateaued performance.

It’s inevitable. If you don’t deliver ROA, you can expect to see dwindling digital performance as more users install Ad-Block and shut you out.

Silverbean’s methodologies are designed to build digital Step Change, driving significant performance increases and breaking plateaus.

Our methodology identifies the key factors limiting growth in your digital campaigns.

We then develop a tailored roadmap, taking into account the unique challenges and barriers faced by your business, and work collaboratively with internal teams, third party resources and other stakeholders to create the right conditions for Step Change.

Channel-level implementation is only part of the work we do with our clients.

The partnerships we develop are based on transparency and collaboration on both sides, to identify and remove barriers to progress. We work with our clients to define clear and relevant objectives, develop business cases for further investment and provide internal digital education and training to those who require it. All in all, it makes your job as a marketer easier, yet more effective.

We believe these additional service elements are just as important to success as channel management.

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We want to be held accountable for the results we deliver, and prove the impact of our work. To do this, we need to speak the same language as your brand, working with KPI’s that are already known and trusted within your business.

At Silverbean, we’re experts in developing customised tracking implementations to give you an accurate view of the metrics that really matter to your brand.

Our Analytics specialists use market-leading technologies to provide the insight you need, whether that’s integrating online analytics with data from your internal systems, tracking custom metrics unique to your brand, or joining the dots between online activity and offline sales.

For brands with longer paths to purchase, it can be challenging to understand how different activities influence the bottom line.

Accurate measurement allows us to build an understanding of the interplay between different channels and touchpoints, and how they contribute to your bottom line.

Crucially, our UNIFIED campaign delivery allows us to act on the insights we gather, flexibly directing budget into the areas that will deliver maximum impact against your objectives.

New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

General enquiries: 0191 406 1200