Protecting brand prestige with N.Peal’s influencer gifting campaign

The festive period is one of the most profitable times of the year for retail brands. Due to the high stakes, affiliate marketers are under pressure to drive maximise revenue at the lowest cost.

We’ve worked closely with N.Peal since 2014, supporting the luxury brand across a multitude of digital channels both in the UK and US markets. Due to the prestigious nature of the retailer, which specialises in products made from the finest quality Mongolian cashmere, it’s important to protect the brand throughout any marketing campaign, and especially those in the affiliate realm.

The predominantly sales-orientated channel is most frequently used by brands to close sales at the checkout through voucher codes and cashback sites. However, in recent years, the rise of content publishers has allowed luxury retailers such as N.Peal to take advantage of a new wave of affiliate opportunities, without relying too heavily on discounting.

One of the biggest developments in the affiliate marketing industry has been the rise of influencers. For N.Peal’s festive campaign, we identified and approached relevant influencers with the aim of gaining coverage across a number of media, including on YouTube and Instagram. This activity would then funnel into website visits and, ultimately, sales.

The challenge

For N.Peal, the biggest concern has always been brand protection. Working with influencers meant careful consideration for the brand’s reputation, making sure we were reaching the widest audience possible while maintaining the retailer’s prestige.

In this festive campaign, we did not have additional budget to support paid placements with influencers. Instead, we hoped to gain the target exposure on the gifting activity alone.

Key performance goals

  • As influencer marketing would act as an affiliate activation, a return on investment was always going to be the key KPI measured here.
  • Increased awareness for the brand and visits to the site
  • Reach new audiences globally

Our strategy

Here’s how we helped influencers keep warm in the winter all while boosting brand awareness and sales for N.Peal:

Stocking fillers

When planning the gifting campaign for N.Peal, we opted to focus on a classic item from the brand’s collection: a luxury cashmere scarf. The best selling product remains on site at all times of the year. This means that any content produced off the back of the campaign will remain relevant for years to come. We combined this with pieces from the Winter womenswear collection for two long-term supporters of the brand.

A touch of luxury

N.Peal delivered each order to a customer complete in a beautiful N.Peal gift box, with a handwritten note from the team who picked, packed and tied the satin bow. This personalised approach was a testament to the brand’s ethos and something we saw as a distinctive USP we should celebrate with the campaign.

In selecting the influencers to gift for the campaign, Silverbean leveraged existing relationships with key influencers, those we believed we could comfortably select a colour and style for, as we were highly familiar with their tastes and content. This was combined with key trend-lead pieces from the mainline collection for two influencers who have been fans of the brand for a number of years.

To further emphasise brand’s luxury approach of the brand, each scarf was monogrammed with the influencer’s initials. This included an influencer who would be getting married the following month; the gift sent to her included her forthcoming married initials and a note congratulating her and her future husband on their big day.

A summary of what we did…

We harnessed the power of handpicked influencers to take N.Peal’s brand to thousands of new eyes, resulting in over 13,000 site visits, 25 tracked sales and an average order value of £289. Through a carefully curated gifting campaign, we achieved amazing results without devaluing the brand’s luxury image.

About N.Peal

N.Peal craft luxury collections for both men and women from the finest Mongolian cashmere. Always expertly crafted, the range includes classic pieces, timelessly styled in a variety of colourways, along with trend-inspired pieces to update your wardrobe with ease. The unmistakable luxury cashmere has lead the brand to create a collection of accessories, perfect for gifting to a loved one over the festive season.