For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:

  • Increased new customer acquisition by 27%
  • Increased affiliate contribution by 25%
  • Increased AOV by 9%

Who is the client and why did they come to us?

Started from a little garage in Adelaide back in 2011, VINOMOFO is now a Melbourne based online wine retailer selling wine to over 500,000 customers globally. Sourcing directly from the best producers around the world, they find the most loved wines and curate them to your taste. With the goal of sharing fun, premium wines at best prices available, they not only sell wine but also share their wine discoveries, experiences, knowledge and passion with their community of wine lovers. 

Prior to joining Silverbean, VINOMOFO already had an established affiliate program. However, the program lacked publisher diversification and had a high percentage of affiliate revenue coming from bottom funnel partners. The team at VINOMOFO wanted to engage in a specialist affiliate agency to transform the management of their affiliate program.

What did we do?

Leveraging our Partnership Progression Model we identified the highest impact opportunities for Vinomofo’s affiliate program and created a roadmap for growth.

When Silverbean commenced management, the program was not very diversified and dependent upon a few big publishers – with the top 5 publishers accounting for 84% of revenue and the top 10 contributing to 98% program revenue.  In addition to this, there were some rogue publishers on the program who did not align with Vinomofo’s vision.

The immediate actions were to strip back and remove these publishers whilst simultaneously recruiting new partners to the program – this helped to mitigate the financial shortfall to the program’s performance. Whilst implementing a data-driven strategy to guide publisher commission tiers and optimisations to drive revenue and maximise budget.

We leveraged partners across the entire partnership ecosystem who aligned with Vinomofo’s brand image, objectives and target demographic with a strong focus on acquiring new customers.

What outcomes were achieved?

Through this approach, Vinomofo’s program was completely reimagined, new customer acquisition increased 27%, number of click active publishers increased 320%, and with a ROAS 1:$11, affiliates is the most profitable acquisition channel in the marketing mix.



The work dynamic with Silverbean has been great, they’re a valuable part of our team. Since day one they were aligned with our growth targets.

Gabriel Zabala
Performance Marketing Specialist – Vinomofo