Brands in the fashion sector are boosting revenue and
growing market share with affiliates

Fashion marketing with Silverbean

The fashion sector is one of the most exciting industries for affiliate marketing, and it’s rife with new opportunities. 

Whether you’re looking to drive your revenue, develop creative campaigns or grow your brand awareness, the affiliate channel offers endless opportunities to drive sales growth. And because affiliate and partner marketing is a largely performance-based channel, it’s low-risk, high-reward.

Here's what top fashion brands are achieving with affiliate marketing

  • Collaborating with high-profile influencers and publishers to drive growth
  • Driving direct-to-consumer sales through content, traditional and closed user group publishers
  • Achieving long-term revenue growth
  • Maximising ROI while ensuring all spend is in line with product and category margins
  • Activating brand to brand partnerships to deliver compelling campaigns
  • Generating leads through data capture projects.


Natasha Maddison

Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager

Women’s Fashion

Our senior affiliate marketing manager for the women’s fashion vertical, Natasha and her knowledgeable, innovative team take a fast-paced, creative approach to their work with clients in the fashion womenswear and childrenswear sector, in both fast fashion and luxury verticals. No two days, approaches or campaigns are the same!

The team’s proactive approach means Silverbean is always right at the forefront of new affiliate marketing trends, all with the goal of driving incredible growth for clients. 

With such a keen focus on upcoming trends and opportunities, Natasha’s team ensures clients collaborate with amazing, high-profile influencers and publishers, and really make the most of exciting and innovative new opportunities – key for fashion brands looking to drive incredible, sustainable growth.

Anthony leads the affiliate marketing team focusing on menswear in the UK, EMEA and globally. 

With the ever-evolving nature of opportunities for brands in these verticals, Anthony and his team tailor their approach for each client and encourage consistent learning to create a wide and ever-improving knowledge base. 

With the biggest opportunities for menswear brands currently coming from the digital space, they keep a keen eye on digital marketing developments to ensure our clients are adapting and always reap the rewards of a strong affiliate marketing channel.


Anthony Bingham

Senior Affiliate & Partnership Manager

Men’s Fashion

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Why Silverbean?

  • Proven expertise in the fashion sector
  • A knowledgeable team focused entirely on fashion marketing
  • Strong relationships with key fashion affiliates
  • All of our six partnership channels are key for fashion brands
  • Access to brand new technologies to drive performance for our fashion clients.

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