Home and garden brands are driving growth
with affiliate and partnership marketing

Home decor marketing with Silverbean

The home and garden team produces engaging campaigns that grow brand awareness and drive real results for our clients. With opportunities for the sector only continuing to grow, a brand’s affiliate marketing channel can be a key driver for conversions – and success. 

Whether you need to support and raise your brand’s average order value or build a content-led approach with premium publishers, our sector specialists deliver unique, bespoke campaigns to maximise results.

Here's what top homeware brands are achieving with their affiliate marketing

  • Supporting brand awareness by leveraging key content partners
  • Maximising results from strategically-engaged partners at every stage of the funnel
  • Driving revenue growth through increased visibility, engagement and targeting, while protecting brand perception 
  • Growing conversions by working with premium partners to promote new products or place products in top sales picks, and maintaining strong ROI 
  • Generating brand to brand partnerships to deliver exciting, high-value campaigns.


Charlotte Davies

Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager

Home and Garden

Charlotte and her team drive incredible results for our clients in the home and garden sector. With a vertical that lends itself to creativity, the team can be particularly innovative with their campaigns and look to engage many different audience demographics to deliver huge growth.

Innovation is at the core of their approach, and the team often works with clients to trial new tactics, aiming to shift away from the traditional perception of affiliate marketing and deliver tangible results through new and exciting opportunities. 

They are consistently reviewing ways to drive new affiliate programme growth and consumer engagement by capitalising on home decor and garden sector trends and ensuring our clients are at the forefront of them – such as the current global focus on sustainability!

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Why Silverbean?

  • Years of expertise in the home and garden sector
  • A skilled, knowledgeable team focused entirely on homeware and home decor marketing
  • Established relationships with key premium media partners and affiliates
  • All of our six partnership channels are key for home brands.

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