Subscription marketing brands are boosting
new customer acquisition with affiliates

Through leveraging affiliates and building strategic partnerships, subscription brands are driving huge sales growth – and increasing customer lifetime value.

Here are some of the strategic benefits marketers at these brands are achieving

  • Scaling rapidly, all while increasing new customers
  • Selling more auxiliary products to existing customers to increase their lifetime value
  • Creating competitive advantages and points of difference over competitors
  • Decreasing CPA through flexible offer mechanics and customer incentives
  • Geo-targeting to develop campaigns based on audience segmentation


Charlotte Davies

Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager

Home, Garden, Food & Drink

Charlotte Davies leads a brilliant team that specialises in developing results-driven affiliate programmes for subscription marketing.

Taking an innovative approach to affiliate marketing that often sees brands trialling new tactics and unlocking new growth opportunities, Charlotte and her team drive creative campaigns to engage with key audience demographics and build sustainable, incremental programme growth for clients.

With a true understanding of the customer purchase journey and how affiliates and partnerships can impact this, Charlotte and her team will provide you with key opportunities to create real value and differentiate you from the competition.

Join subscription marketing brands like these

I would highly recommend Silverbean to anyone who is looking to grow their affiliate channel in the right way – with a team of experts in their field.

—Emily Cresswell, HelloFresh

Why Silverbean?

  • Proven experience in the subscription sector
  • An innovative team focusing on key opportunities in the subscription marketing sector
  • We work closely with key affiliates to provide sustainable revenue growth
  • All of our six partnership channels are highly relevant for subscription brands
  • We are leveraging the latest technology to drive performance for our subscription clients.

Learn how we helped HelloFresh maximise their budget and increase new customer leads


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