Ticketing brands are facing incredible opportunities
with affiliates and partnerships

Ticketing and theatre marketing with Silverbean

Ticketing marketers are facing incredible opportunities for success in the affiliate sector. Brands that make the most of the affiliate channel benefit from considerable programme growth, with the channel often going on to become a USP to attract new events or producers for the client. Are you ready to take the next step?

Here's what these ticketing brands are achieving

  • Developing strong relationships with key publishers
  • Maximising brand visibility at key audience touchpoints
  • Improving performance with bespoke campaigns that are tailored down to event level
  • Offsetting the risks of rising CPC costs with digital media channels
  • Creating huge brand reach to new customer audiences in a short space of time.


Lucy Williams

Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager


Lucy and her team bring a wealth of experience to the table for our clients in the ticketing sector, driving exponential ticketing affiliate programme growth and delivering exceptional results.

With target audiences ranging everywhere from visiting tourists to local theatre lovers, Lucy’s team use their substantial knowledge to deliver exciting, innovative campaigns that reach even the most niche of target consumers and nurture our clients’ affiliate programmes.

They also use their knowledge of the latest and greatest affiliate marketing trends to maximise programme performance, engage with high-performing partners and continuously add value for our clients.

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Why Silverbean?

  • Established experience in the ticketing sector
  • A dedicated team focused specifically on the ticketing sector
  • Strong relationships with key ticketing affiliates
  • All of our six partnership channels are key for ticketing brands.

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