Travel brands are reinventing their marketing
with affiliates and partnerships

Forward thinking brands in the travel sector across the world are leveraging affiliates and partners to drive sales growth and increase average revenue per customer. 

Here are some of the strategic benefits marketers at these brands are achieving

  • Entering new international territories cost effectively
  • Selling more auxiliary products to existing customers to increase their lifetime value
  • Creating competitive advantages and points of difference over competitors
  • Offsetting the risks of rising CPC costs with digital media channels
  • Creating huge brand reach to new customer audiences in a short space of time.

If you’re a travel marketer, don’t be left behind.


Lucy Williams

Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager


Lucy Williams leads a brilliant team that specialises in building high-performing affiliate programmes for clients in the travel sector.

With a deep understanding of how to map the customer purchase journey to different groups of affiliates, Lucy and her team can revolutionise the value and performance of your affiliate programme.

They marry this expertise with a true understanding of advanced partner marketing, which will provide you with access to some of the latest opportunities – critical for any travel brand that is serious about driving growth.

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Why Silverbean?

  • Proven experience in the travel sector
  • A dedicated travel team focusing only on the travel sector
  • We work closely with key travel affiliates
  • All of our six partnership channels are highly relevant for travel brands
  • We are leveraging the latest technology to drive performance for our travel clients.

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