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New business enquiries: 0191 260 0716

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New business enquiries:

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If you want to stay up to date with industry trends and customer expectations; your business now needs to start driving business via niche content and influential bloggers.


Well, bloggers and industry influencers are now regarded by many customers as the trusted online resource for information and product recommendations. Many consumers are driven to purchase products and services by reading about them on a blogs they love, and this influence is ever-rising as the power of the Super Blogger soars.

By focusing on Blogger Outreach you can really put your business on the map – regardless of whether you’re a new start-up or a long-standing business. Done correctly, it can result in a sharp rise in website traffic, social engagement and product sales.

It’s about telling the unique story of your brand – in a genuine and influential way

It can be as straightforward as getting one major influencer to include one of your products or services – or even just mention your business – on their blog/ social channel and your traffic and sales will fly. Often way beyond even your most ambitious expectations.

This type of outreach can be so much more powerful than traditional advertising methods, especially when it comes to raising brand awareness, because it’s all about starting a conversation.

It cancreate a buzz around your brand, with your business benefiting from both immediate sales to positive market positioning through association with the popular websites and social media channels used by your target audience.

Your competitors are doing it. Why aren’t you?

If there is a lot of noise and social chatter being created around your competitor’s products, your business may be left behind trying to influence the same target audience with outdated marketing techniques.

We’ve been honing our Little Black Book of influential bloggers for over a decade, so Blogger Outreach is a key aspect of every successful Affiliate Marketing campaign we orchestrate.

Preference now dictates how your potential customers research and shop for products and services, and they are much more likely to be influenced by bloggers than email newsletters and generic social content.

If you want to make a really big splash and see an equally large increase in revenue, it pays to include blogger outreach and niche content as a major aspect of your ongoing affiliate marketing strategy.

It’s not what you’re selling, it’s who shares the love

Online customers are bombarded with so many different products, sold by numerous different websites and online merchants that they are switching off to intrusive advertising practices. Often, they would rather look to individuals, who they trust, for recommendations on their next purchases.

If their favourite blogger or YouTuber loves it, there’s a pretty high chance they’re going to love it, too.

With this in mind, here are some of the unique reasons why Blogger Outreach needs to be a key component of your Affiliate Marketing Programme:

✔ Raises brand awareness

✔ Improves brand perception

✔ Creates loyal brand ambassadors

✔ Strengthens market positioning

✔ Moves away from discounting products and towards more profitable content marketing

✔ Generate new customers and increase sales

And, ultimately – boost overall online business performance.


We know what’s what when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. Having been in the business nearly 15 years, we’ve seen this grow from simple cashback and voucher code sites, to the dawn of the influential bloggers.

But we don’t just target any old bloggers – even if they have got millions of readers; we make sure that we build relationships, in your industry, that perfectly represent the values of your brand.

There are many facets to the success of your business via the Affiliate Marketing channel that still includes traditional cashback promotions and voucher codes. However, to be hugely successful in today’s market, you need to move blogger outreach to the forefront of your strategy. Once you have the fundamentals and the technical aspects of your Affiliate Marketing Programme in place, you can start working on your blogger outreach.

Bloggers have grown to become such an influential marketing channel, and such a large, complex sector, that we’ve simplified the way we approach Blogger Outreach. We’ve created a three tier setup to grade the value of individuals influencers to your business.

We work on a Bronze, Silver and Gold system that categorises each one based on social reach – with Instagram often being the most significant platform. This way, we’re able to engage bloggers to work with you and promote your brand appropriately, across blog posts and social posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Each client, blogger and project is unique, and we are able to create some amazing bespoke content and imagery coverage for your business. This might include arranging product launches or one-off evenings – where your target audience is invited along to sample or try out your products or services, hosted by their favourite bloggers.

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